Why is Marvel advertising Ant-Man in an MCU show that no one is watching?


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Miss Marvel.

Aside from perhaps Carol Danvers, Ant-Man has become the most talked—about superhero in “Miss Marvel”-but why is Marvel advertising Ant-Man in an MCU series that no one seems to be watching? “Miss Marvel” broke the Rotten Tomatoes record for the MCU and is currently the highest-rated MCU television facility, but is also open to the fewest households of all the Disney+ MCU series. Ms. Marvel’s frequent inclusion of Ant-Man raises the question of what Marvel is trying to create with a show that is clearly still trying to find its audience.

Ant-Man is explicitly mentioned in three of the four Miss Marvel episodes currently released, and his presence in each episode has a certain influence on the plot. In episode 1 of “Miss Marvel”, Ant-Man is widely featured on AvengerCon. Kamala inadvertently knocks the head off Ant-Man’s large display, which almost injures Zoey before Kamala manages to save her using her newfound abilities. This episode also introduced the audience to Ant-Man’s podcast about the Avengers, where he apparently talked about the group and told the audience everything he knows about their exploits. In episode 2, “Miss Marvel,” Kamala tells Bruno that she tested her powers to see if she could shrink, fly, or talk to ants because both she and Ant-Man are adorable and look younger than they really are. In the 4th episode of Miss Marvel, a full mural depicting Ant-Man with the phrase is shown: “You can start small and become larger than life at the same time.”

It is quite possible that the creators of “Miss Marvel” are simply drawing some Easter egg-style parallels between “Miss Marvel” and Ant-Man, given the coincidence of their abilities in the comics. However, with the changes in Kamala’s power set in “Miss Marvel,” that seems less and less likely. Perhaps the powers that be at Marvel see a similarity in tone between the two objects and give the duo a sort of trial run to see how viewers would like them to be together. Perhaps most likely, the screenwriters did not foresee that their show would not be popular enough among viewers, and saw an opportunity to interest viewers in the next film about Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania.

Is the hype surrounding Miss Marvel’s Ant-Man the reason for Kamala’s appearance in Quantum Mania?

While Kamala and Scott Lang in the comics have some abilities, Kamala cannot change her size at will in the MCU. Instead, in the Disney+ series, all such abilities were replaced by Kamala’s connection with Noor from “Miss Marvel”. This could potentially link her to Scott in the MCU, perhaps explaining the decision to refer to him so often. Even with this lost connection, Kamala’s growing understanding of Nur and his kingdom may make her invaluable to Ant-Man in Quantum Mania, suggesting that Kamala may appear there.

It’s unclear why Marvel is promoting Ant-Man so much in “Miss Marvel”—just as it’s not entirely clear why a series with such good reviews gets such a bad audience. Perhaps those in power at Marvel thought that Miss Marvel would attract more viewers, and it made sense to start creating more hype around “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania” when it comes out in 2023. Whatever the reason, Ant-Man is all over Miss Marvel, and it seems likely that viewers will see more of him in the last two episodes.