Why is Jungkook’s voice so unique among idols?

Jungkook has a unique register in his voice, the BTS singer received some comments from the vocal couch Kim Jehoon , this commented the specialist.

BTS’s Golden Maknae joined Big Hit Entertainment to pursue his dream of becoming a K-pop idol , even though the boy already had great talent, within the company he perfected his vocal technique and other details that he puts into practice when he sings.

One of the most important phases for a singer is the study of his voice , knowing how to know it, recognizing its power, its style, its limits and scope, an artist must be constantly taking interpretation classes to take care of his work tool.

Kim Jehoon, is one of the most recognized voice trainers in South Korea , the voice specialist has a channel on the YouTube platform, where he uploads videos reacting, criticizing and analyzing the voice of various Korean pop figures.

A few days ago, Jehoon published a video conducting a study of Jungkook’s voice and technique , the vocal coach spoke about Jungkook’s tonality and reacted to the idol’s singing in different presentations such as Carpool Karaoke on the program ‘The Late Late Show ‘with James Corden , where the BTS star performed the high note of the song’ ON ‘and some covers of the one performed by Big Hit Entertainment.

What is Jungkook’s vocal technique?

Kim Jehoon said that the Bangtan Boys member’s breathing is incredible, he has a knack for taking in air and combines it very well with good articulation of words, as a result his voice is quite in tune and unique.

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The teacher commented that Jungkook can sing any style since his voice has many nuances that can be adapted to low or high tones giving versatility to the singing of the singer of ‘Dynamite’ , explained Kim:

“It sounds very stable, when you try to sing it, you will find it extremely difficult to get it to sound in tune,” said the expert.

Jehoon mentioned that Jungkook knows very well how to specify all the rhythms he sings , that is, he has a highly developed musical ear, adding precision and strength to all his tracks.

Kim ended by saying, “Jungkook may have put in a lot of effort so far, but there is no denying that he was born with all this talent.” Would you like to sing like Jungkook? Do you think the idol could get more potential out of his voice?



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