Why is it better to call Saul, choose this particular Walt and; Jesse Moment


Attention! This post contains spoilers for season 6 of the TV series “Better Call Saul.”

The writer of “Better Call Saul” explains why the series chose the exact moment to bring back Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. When it was announced in April that the two star characters of the series “Breaking Bad”, played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, will appear in the last season of the series about Jimmy McGill, fans began to speculate how the duo will appear, beginning to suspect that the series will very soon move to the timeline of its predecessor, and are looking forward, to see what the show is preparing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the last episode Better Call Saul called “Breaking Bad” began with what viewers may remember as the Saul Goodman Kidnapping/Jimmy McGill in the previous series Walt and Jesse in an attempt to threaten him to leave the arrested. Badger from confessing to the cops about his dealings with methamphetamine. This scene is now famous for Jimmy mistakenly thinking that Walt and Jesse were people sent by Lalo Salamanca to kill him, and blamed Ignacio Vargu. The episode also had a scene in the van after Saul agrees to be their lawyer when he discovers the lab and deduces that Walter is Heisenberg, scheming his interest to help expand their business.

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Since Cranston and Paul’s moment in “Better Call Saul” comes just as Saul Goodman meets both for the first time, screenwriter and executive producer Thomas Schnauz explains why it was the right scene to bring them both back to talking to THR. He talks about his interest in filling in the gaps after Walt and Jesse hold Saul captive in the desert, as well as the opportunity to discuss Lalo and his lasting influence on him. Schnauz’s statement can be viewed below:

“Yes, we talked about everything, and finally settled on this because it seemed like the golden mean of how we could address Lalo. the kidnappers after this happened? What is this weird, awkward conversation that happens after kidnapping and taking him back to the office to get his car? So we were talking about whether all this was happening during the return trip, but we finally decided that we weren’t in a moving vehicle, just to make our lives easier. It was just when they got back into the van and Saul saw exactly what was going on and how crazy it was that he was abducted in a mobile methamphetamine lab. So I just thought it was a nice place. Earlier, we talked about one of the obvious places to step in when Walt first meets Saul in his office. Walt impersonated Brandon Mayhew (Matt Jones). uncle, so it seemed like something we would like to do. there were so many different ways to get into it, and the RV just seemed right.”

Viewers first see Saul Goodman when Walter meets him in disguise in his office, but it makes sense to show memories in a van when all three characters are together and completely naked, rather than donning a facade. Although many fans of both series have seen the scene where Jesse and Walt kidnap Saul, in “Better Call Saul” we see it from Jimmy’s point of view, which is a completely different view. The scenes also show that despite the appearance and personality of Saul Goodman, Jimmy will always live in fear of Lalo Salamanca and will bear the trauma of working for him.

Apparently, the audience could not see Walt and Jesse for the last time in the series “Better call Saul.” Back in July, Cranston commented that there are three scenes with the characters (one with Jesse alone, one with Walt alone, and one with the two of them together). Since there are only two episodes left Better call Saul, it will be interesting to see how the remaining two scenes will be included in the show. The episode “Breaking Bad” drew parallels between the timeline of “Breaking Bad” and Gene’s story after “Breaking Bad”, so maybe this will be a formula for moving forward. Of course, the 6th season of “Better Call Saul” was extremely unpredictable, which means that the creative team can have anything.


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