Why is Ian Somerhalder refusing production


The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder explains his lack of interest in a series revival, despite the CW show’s meteoric popularity.

Ian Somerhalder played The Vampire Diaries fan favorite character Damon Salvatore, a classic bad boy vampire who falls in love with the human protagonist Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev).

Throughout the series, Damon consistently acted as the unpredictable contrast to his caring brother, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), who also set his gaze on Elena.

In an interview Ian Somerhalder responded to rumors online that a ninth season could take place if he and Nina Dobrev green-light the show’s ninth season.

Ian Somerhalder explained that he has not heard anything about a season nine. Since the end of the series on The CW it has continued to find new life through its many spin-offs, as well as its migration to Netflix.

When you factor in the lasting affection fans have for The Vampire Diaries, it makes sense that rumors of a revival or reboot have persisted over the years.

The CW show made a significant mark on the pop culture landscape, not only leaning toward the vampire mania that permeated half the time, but also reimagining a familiar supernatural world with a fast-paced history.

A provocative story that struggled with human, nature, violence, and love issues. Even after their completion from shows like The Vampire Diaries, the characters live like great myths in spinoff series and books.


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