Why is Episode 4 of Season 3 of South Park so hated


Any show that lasts 25 seasons, as well as numerous full-length specials, is bound to have some unpopular exits, but there is a reason why the 3rd season of South Park, the 4th episode of Yakovasaurus, is so despised on the Internet. South Park has never stopped there. Since its inception, the popular, albeit controversial, animated satire has struggled to shock the public with its sharp humor.

However, some of South Park’s riskiest creative decisions have nothing to do with the series’ love of scatological jokes and ridicule of public figures. Sometimes South Park’s decision to tell larger-scale and ambitious serialized stories can anger both fans and critics, while in other cases, more experimental episodes of the show leave viewers indifferent. However, there is no mystery as to why the infamous fourth episode of the 3rd season of “South Park” is often called the worst point of the show.

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The Yakovasaurs satirically targeted the Star Wars character Ja-Ja Binks shortly after the release of Star Wars: Episode I — The Hidden Menace. In the episode, annoying aliens descend on South Park and annoy everyone except Cartman. The deception turned out to be too effective, and this episode is often called one of the worst in the entire 25-season history of South Park precisely because the Yakovasaurs are even more annoying than their masterminds. Although jokes like the Bear-Pig Man from South Park were more misguided when it came to overtly annoying annoyance, few characters could match the titular characters of “Yakovasaurs”.

Interestingly, “Yakovasaurs” is not an episode from South Park, which the creators of the show highlighted when they were asked about the weakest outputs of the show. Trey Parker famously hated the hugely successful World of Warcraft parody in South Park during the episode’s production, and Parker and his co-creator Matt Stone have mixed feelings about the comedic retelling of the series “High Hopes.” However, while both of these episodes had more ambitious premises that divided fans and the show’s creators, the problem with South Park’s “Yakovasaurs” was that the episode offered nothing but a parody of the already annoying Star Wars character.

Even the worst South Park jokes usually include a solid storyline that fans can rely on, even if the plot of the episode is just a transparent parody of current events. However, the “Yakovasaurs” didn’t get much history for themselves in their infamous episode, which means they expired their hospitality even faster than the real Ja-Ja Binks. Although Ja-Ja was undoubtedly a pain, he was part of a large cast in a film with a complex plot, while the joke that “Yakovasaurs” had arrived in South Park and would not leave was all the vanity of the episode. Since the “Yakovasaurs” did not develop this idea meaningfully and did not expand the criticism of the “Star Wars” prequel series, the episode with South Park eventually irritated even those who hated the films. As a result, “Yakovasaurs” became one of the most hated episodes of South Park, and this title still boasts 22 seasons later.