Why is Dynamite considered the song of the summer?


BTS’s Dynamite has become one of the best songs of all summer, and here’s why.

Dynamite is one of the most listened to songs of the last week, becoming one of the songs of the summer of this 2020 internationally, with more than 200 million reproductions in less than a week.

Two people who have a crush on the whole bangtang are the creators of the podcast “Sorry for Spanglish” Fa Orozco and Sofiberta, who in their recent broadcast revealed the reasons why BTS has created one of the best songs of all summer .

With a record of reproductions in the video on YouTube of the new song of this South Korean band, it is evident that it has generated a positive reaction among listeners, even those who did not follow their career.

According to the podcast of the Monterrey youtubers, this song “gives you the idea of what summer should be” that is, all the happiness you feel when you are with your friends, spending an afternoon on vacation.

“Actually what a summer song does is give you all that happiness that the idea that summer brings you (…) this song is giving us the summer that we would like to have and that we cannot have because we are in a pandemic” , said also Booktuber.

Is a BTS concert like going to Disney?

In the same Podcast, the story of how one of the sisters of the booktuber Fa Orozco compared, seeing a BTS concert, with the fireworks in the so-called “Happiest place on earth” the Disney parks, so The whole ARMY can agree that a bangtang concert is indeed the happiest place on earth.

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Unfortunately due to the pandemic the “Map of the soul Tour” was postponed, however, we do not lose hope that the concerts will soon be resumed, and that even Latin America will be considered between the dates. Do you think Dynamite is the song of the summer?


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