Why is Bitcoin falling? 1600 dollars was deleted!


Bitcoin’s price fell close to $ 1600 in a short period of time, with sales on European stock markets and US futures markets.

With the upward movement of the dollar index DXY and the hard sales in the stock markets, there was also a decrease in the Bitcoin price.

The largest cryptocurrency with its market value was traded at $ 24,000 at around 12.00 TSI, while it pulled up to $ 22,400 with hard sales in the European and US futures markets. During the same time period, DXY rose from 90.36 to over 91.

Dow Jones index fell to 29,618 points with a loss of more than 2 percent in futures. While the loss in the STOXX 600 index reached 3.4 percent, the FTSE 100 lost 2.66 percent.

The impact of a new coronavirus strain seen in the UK has brought sales in all markets. The pound also fell over 2 percent against the dollar.

A deeper sell-off in altcoins together with the decline in Bitcoin led to an increase in the market share of the largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin dominance has risen to over 67 percent.

In leading altcoins, declines reached 10 percent.

Bitcoin finds buyers at $ 22,770 at 13.40, when the news was published.

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