Why is Amanda Waller in “Black Adam”


Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, known for leading Task Force X of Suicide Squad, has landed a mysterious new role in Black Adam. Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, is a very influential figure in the DC extended universe, able to lead two different versions of Task Force X and keep the Justice League at the ready. However, she began to lose ground in the “Suicide Squad” when her team reversed her decisions in order to save innocent civilians. But even though the situation is increasingly out of control, Amanda Waller may still have secret tricks up her sleeve.

Black Adam will introduce the titular antihero Dwayne Johnson, as well as the DCEU Justice Society, which includes such heroes as Dr. Faith, Atom Smasher, Cyclone and Hawk Man. These meta-humans created their super team long before Batman and Wonder Woman founded the Justice League, and Black Adam himself gained his powers 5,000 years before Billy Batson gained the power of Shazam. Now that Black Adam is free in the modern DCEU, his paths will undoubtedly cross with famous DCEU figures, but before he meets Shazam, he will probably have to deal with Amanda Waller.

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During Warner Bros. At the Hall H panel at Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, it was revealed that Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, is part of the cast of Black Adam. This announcement came along with the full trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods and a short teaser for Black Adam, but there was no additional information. Due to so little DCEU content being announced at SDCC 2022, the true nature of Amanda Waller’s role in Black Adam is now becoming one of the biggest mysteries of the DCEU, as it may affect Black Adam, Suicide Squad, and the DCEU in general, especially when the twist at the end of Peacemaker is taken into account.

Amanda Waller’s Return to DCEU Doesn’t Make Sense After “Peacemaker”

After Peacemaker and A.R.G.U.S. managed to destroy the alien Butterflies without the help of the Justice League, Leota Adebayo— none other than Amanda Waller’s daughter—publicly revealed Waller’s involvement in Task Force X and their shadow operations. She exposed Waller’s forgery of the Peacemaker’s diary and explained that the members of Task Force X are criminals who work for Waller in exchange for a lighter sentence. This statement will surely link Amanda Waller to the devastation caused by Starro’s escape to Corto Maltese and the murder of high-ranking figures such as Senator Royland Goff, who was secretly a Butterfly. On that note, the news of the worldwide invasion of Peacemaker Butterflies is likely to cause public outrage, and all this will fall on the shoulders of Amanda Waller, regardless of her true intentions.

Even if Amanda Waller manages to extricate herself from legal problems, she will no longer have the same leverage for future missions of Task Force X. She could try to recruit Black Adam or any surviving member of the Justice Society (already a difficult task), but she won’t be able to manipulate them in the same way she did with less powerful antiheroes like Peacemaker and Harley Quinn. To get back to normal would be a miracle in itself, and control over Black Adam was most likely not discussed. However, her participation in the events of “Black Adam” is guaranteed, and she will still be a key DCEU character, perhaps even more than ever before, given that Amanda Waller has her own upcoming spin-off. If there’s one thing certain about Amanda Waller, it’s that she always comes out on top.

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