Why is Adamari López’s daughter a miracle?


Adamari López and Toni Costa are the proud parents of Alaïa, whom they adore. However, behind her pregnancy, the driver keeps a very moving story because she knows that her daughter was a true miracle due to the long and difficult process she faced to have her and the struggle she never stopped doing.

The presenter became a mother at 44, an age that represents a strong impact on the body on a physical level and that led the presenter to take extreme care during this period. Then there was the fact that Adamari had faced breast cancer, which prevented her from conceiving a baby for a long time. Even she came to think that she could never fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

In her book Amando (2015) the presenter talks openly about how difficult it was to get pregnant, because between medical check-ups, procedures and hormone injections, she was able to achieve in vitro fertilization. Adamari in her text wanted to share her experience so that women who cannot have children never lose faith.

Alaïa was born on March 4, 2012 and Ada introduced her to the media soon after. Both appeared on the cover of People en Español magazine and the host’s words were that her daughter “was a miracle of God.” There is no doubt that the path to being the wonderful mother that she is now was not easy and her fans have not abandoned her at any time in her life.

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