Why Instagram Keeps Asking about Your Birthday (and How to fix it)


Over the past few months, Instagram has released many policy changes and features that are designed to make the platform a safer place for users. Especially after the incident, when an employee who became a whistleblower leaked several internal documents, releasing several serious accusations against the company. Facebook Instagram’s parent company decided to rebrand itself into Meta, an organization for which virtual reality is a priority.

Since then, users have seen features that allow them to set timers for breaks and limit the overall use of applications. Recently, Instagram has been asking users to specify their date of birth if users refuse a couple of times and their accounts are deleted. Why is this happening? Since Instagram has a vast audience of different age groups, it is natural that the app also has a variety of content. However, this is a concern for young Instagram users who are faced with inappropriate content that can negatively affect their lives.

Back in August 2021, Instagram’s vice president of youth products Pavni Divanji announced that the platform would oblige all users to provide information about their birthday, including the date, month and year of birth. The platform will primarily use this information to provide a safer environment for younger users. Since then, Instagram has been constantly sending reminders to users who have not entered their birthday information. However, if someone denies and does not provide information, the application will block their account. Prior to that, Instagram asked new users to enter their date of birth before they could use the app.

How to prevent Instagram account deletion

At that time, Instagram did not specify a date from which entering a birthday will become mandatory for users, but it seems that the platform has already introduced this requirement. As a result, several Instagram users see a prompt asking them to add a date of birth and options to learn more about this feature or to immediately opt out of it. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to enter the correct birthday information by clicking “Add your Birthday” in the corresponding query, which will then calculate their age. While this may not seem like a big deal, it could be for users under 13 who want to access a social media platform.

According to the revised Instagram rules, users must be at least 13 years old to have an account on the platform. As Instagram’s official support message mentioned, those under the age of 13 will see the message “You are not of age to use Instagram yet,” and eventually their Instagram account will be deleted. Although such users can still appeal, Instagram will consider recalculating their age only after confirmation. As soon as users enter their date of birth, Instagram will stop sending hints.