Why Ingrid had the witch story right at the end of the series


In Vikings, Ingrid (Lucy Martin) was transformed into a ruthless and powerful witch, who wanted to rule Kattegat. Fans have been wondering how Ingrid got her powers and if she has always been a witch.

In the sixth season of Vikings, Ingrid (Lucy Martin) was simply a Kattegat citizen who caught the attention of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and the couple married.

After being seen at a ritual at Bjorn’s grave and Erik (Eric Johnson) Ingrid (Lucy Martin) discovered that she was, in fact, a witch. Her powers and her connection to the gods seemed to strengthen and she ended up turning Erik blind.

Some fans were confused by the character, as there was no explanation of how and when she became a witch. It was known that she was a slave to Erik, but viewers are curious if she had already been a witch at the time.

Some fans believe that her journey to become a witch was simply to allow her character to develop further in the final episodes while others have said that her witch story was unnecessary in Vikings.

The response to Ingrid’s sudden change in history could have been an opportunity for her to get revenge and demonstrate her strength. The show’s creator, Michael Hirst, previously explained how she was an advocate for strong female characters.

After her ordeal with Harald (Peter Franzén) in Vikings, it seemed only fair that Michael Hirst gave Ingrid (Lucy Martin) a chance to prove her worth as a powerful woman.

  1. Actress Lucy Martin has been sharing many photos of herself in the character of Ingrid from Vikings, saying that she was eternally grateful to be a part of the show.