Why Huey barely used his powers in season 3, episode 5 of the TV series “Boys”


Huey hardly uses his newfound abilities in the 5th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, but there is a good reason for this seemingly strange omission. One of the biggest promises of the 3rd season of “Boys” (except for the new Captain America, parodying the villain soldier) was that the titular group of vigilantes gained their own superpowers. While The Boys spent the first two seasons of the satirical series preventing soups from abusing their powers (or at least trying to limit the damage they did), in the third season of The Boys, Butcher and Huey found their own powers by abusing a new temporary strain of compound V.

However, these superpowers turned out to be surprisingly short-lived for one central member of the team. Despite the fact that Huey debuted his abilities in the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, he almost did not use these abilities in the next episode. There is a reason for this creative decision, no matter how disappointing it may seem.

In the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, Huey used his powers to save Mother’s milk from certain death. In episode 5, he took Compound V as a preemptive measure, but aside from talking to his beloved Starlight, Huey didn’t have to use his powers when the Butcher immediately made a deal with the Soldier. As pointless as it may seem, it was an effective way to show that Huey was seduced by the power of superpowers and did not use them as rarely as possible just to ensure his safety. The episode implied this earlier, when Mother’s Milk warned Huey that he was making a morally reprehensible choice, and Huey didn’t even stop to think about the comment, instead immediately put the medicine in his pocket for later use.

Similarly, the episode finale proved that Huey and the Butcher didn’t need to take Compound V for their interaction with the Boy Soldier. Meanwhile, Kimiko, who lost her powers due to the Boy Soldier’s energy explosion in the episode earlier, proved that this preventive measure wouldn’t even help protect the duo from him in the first place. Instead, both characters adopted the V Connection in order to feel stronger, equalize the rules of the game and have fun, and not just indulge their powers when necessary for the mission.

This served as proof that Mother’s Milk was right to question their use of Compound V, as did Butcher’s decision to knock out his longtime partner. Despite the fact that Mother’s Milk is one of the most important players of the title team, Butcher did not want his story with the Boy Soldier to compromise Butcher’s plan to work with the villain. Thus, Huey’s unnecessary use of Compound V reflects Butcher’s choice to team up with a deadly parody of Soldier Boy from the third season of the MCU. Both already morally dubious antiheroes, Butcher and Huey, the stars of “Boys,” have now slipped into more villainous roles than ever before, in pursuit of juice and revenge, breaking the rules they adhere to, and betraying their friends and loved ones for the sake of finally securing victory over Homelander, A-Train and a company at any cost.

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