Why Howie Mandel Helped the AGT Comedian After Simon Cowell Rejected Her


The 17th season of America’s Got Talent celebrated its first night of qualifiers during a live broadcast earlier this week, and featured a host of talented contenders eager to make their mark. One of the potential artists who took the stage was stand-up comedian Lace Larrabee, whose performance consisted of stories about her marriage and her friends. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell pressed it after only three minutes, which, as Larrabee later stated, was an unfair step. Fortunately, she was supported by other judges, including veteran stand-up Howie Mandel.

After the AGT live broadcast, Mandel reached out to PEOPLE in support of Larrabee, whom he spoke to after she left the stage. He apparently gave the young comedian some great advice that she will presumably keep in her heart and mind for years to come. Here ‘s how Mandel talked about it:

You’re mentally naked and you’re vulnerable, and as I told her after Simon gave her the buzzer, humor is subjective. I told her: “You don’t play for Simon, you don’t play for me, you don’t even play for this audience—you play for millions of people, and you delivered your humor without any problems.” , professionally, wonderful. And don’t let these little bumps on the road stop you.

Being rejected is never easy, and when Simon Cowell rejects in front of millions of viewers and a studio audience, it’s even worse. Especially considering that Lace Larrabee wasn’t even a wildcard for season 17, which means she had already beaten the judges initially. But even though she was a little angry at Cowell’s actions, the fact that Howie Mandel subsequently gave some advice to Larrabee will hopefully keep her self-confidence high enough to continue performing and creating. Maybe even for Mandel’s new game show?

Lace Larrabee even acted cool after Simon Cowell turned on the buzzer, which was very red and very loud. She continued her routine and finished the story she was telling when the audience booed the judge and cheered her after she finished. You can check out her performance below!

Unfortunately, her composure and a short but funny program on Tuesday were not enough to take her to the next round. Viewers voted after this episode, and the next night it was revealed that country musician Drake Milligan and saxophonist Avery Dixon were safe. Fingers crossed that this does not mean the end of Larrabee’s comedy career, because she has already faced a harsh critic in the person of Simon Cowell and easily coped with it.

There’s no word on where Lace Larrabee will appear next with her comedy, but it wouldn’t be surprising if AGT’s appearance helped boost her reputation a bit, given that she still makes thousands of people laugh and smile. And who wouldn’t feel better after receiving good advice from Howie Mandel?

Meanwhile, there are still nine spots left before the America’s Got Talent finals, so many fan-favorite performers still have a chance. (Even if it’s not Ben Lapidus after his absurd performance with parmesan cheese on the first night of the qualifiers.) It should be interesting to see what other performances will be made in the next few weeks and who will join Milligan and Dixon in the finals.

Don’t miss any more America’s Got Talent qualifiers on NBC on Tuesdays at 20:00. EST, the result airs on Wednesdays at 20:00. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Check out the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022 to find out what else to expect.


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