Why hasn’t Zoe Saldaña lost her accent?


Zoe Saldaña quickly became one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood. The Marvel star has Latino roots and speaks Spanish very well. She was born in New York, however from a very young age she lived in the Dominican Republic where she had part of her artistic training. She is currently in the highest grossing productions and if there is something that impresses many, it is the fact that she has not lost her accent.

The actress has always mastered both languages, in an interview she gave Vanidades a few years ago she confessed that they always spoke Spanish at home. “It is the language I have heard since I was born,” she revealed. Later she learned English. That is why she has not lost her accent despite having to change the language for her work.

In addition, Saldaña revealed that her grandmother is partly to blame for her speaking Spanish so well because she was the one who took care of her and told her that if she did not ask for things in Spanish, she would not listen to her. As a child she learned to jump between both languages.

Although her last name in the big Hollywood productions is written as “Saldana”, she likes it a lot when they pronounce her name well, with the letter “ñ”, as she has always been proud of her roots.


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