Why hasn’t the third Ori game been released yet


Despite the fact that both Ori games have received acclaim from both players and critics, the series seems to have come to an abrupt halt as developer Moon Studios moves on to other projects. Due to gamers’ obsession with trilogies and the rules of three, many are wondering why the third game has not yet been released and whether a sequel to the triquel may ever appear. While there are some obvious issues that will need to be overcome by the third Ori game, there are other, more complex factors that arose after the launch of Ori and The Will of The Wisps, which may have anchored the series indefinitely.

Between Ori and The Blind Forest and Ori and The Will of The Wisps, the series has established itself on the indie gaming scene, teaming up with other leading metroids such as Hollow Knight, Guacamelee and Axiom Verge. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from Disney movies like The Lion King to classic games like Rayman, Ori was able to create a unique style and gaming experience that fascinated players. But since there are only two games in the series and nothing else is planned for the foreseeable future, the same players really want to know what happened to Ori.

A new Ori game was possible, but not with Ori

Both “The Blind Forest” and the sequel “The Will of the Lights” have a common premise in which the player takes control of Ori, a guardian spirit of the same name associated with spirit trees and the lands they protect. Both games focus on stories in which players must complete the game in order to activate or collect various MacGuffins — in the “Blind Forest” these are elements, whereas in the “Will of the Luminaries” the lights are used to restore the power of the mentioned spiritual trees. Despite this, both games have their own stories, characters and motives that define their narrative, making each game seem different, but familiar.

However, in the finale of The Will of the Lights, the game ends with Ori sacrificing himself to save the Spirit Tree and the land of Niven. Although Ori theoretically lives in the country of Niven and, as it turns out, was the narrator of the game, he is treated as if Ori is essentially dead. As the main character of the game, this presents the biggest challenge for the continuation of the series under the name Ori. Despite this technical feature, Moon Studios confirmed that it would like to continue the series with a game set in the same world, but most likely with a new main character.

Moon Studios are moving on to new projects

After the story of Ori was actually completed with the completion of The Will of The Wisps, Moon Studios has now turned its attention to future projects. It’s likely that for an indie developer, Moon Studios didn’t want to seem chained to the Ori series and its associated identity. This could explain the sudden shift in genre when, following the success of The Will of The Wisps, Moon Studios announced that its next game would be an action role-playing game. In particular, judging by what Moon Studios said about the unnamed project, the game will be far from the fantastic elements characteristic of Ori, and instead it will feature human characters.

It is also important that after the announcement of the new project, it became known that Xbox Games Studios will not publish the next Moon Studios game. This attracted attention because both Ori games were published by Microsoft and Xbox, which meant that Moon Studios was abandoning a strong relationship given the overwhelming success of the games. To explain its decision, Moon Studios stated that it was motivated by the exclusivity limitations of the version, as ideally it wanted to port Ori to all other consoles and platforms.

By changing the publisher, Moon Studios will be able to release new games that will not have to be exclusive versions for certain platforms. For his future action role-playing movie, the developer has already signed a new contract with Private Division as a publisher. This means that Ori’s intellectual property is now in limbo between Moon Studios and Xbox, so there may be legal formalities that could prevent the creation of a third Ori game. Whether Moon Studios will be able to bring back its Ori magic in a new game or with a spiritual successor remains to be seen, but most likely it will be without Ori at all.

Moon Studios accusations forced Microsoft to leave

However, it seems that the story of the parting of Moon Studios and Microsoft is something more than the players thought at first glance. It was claimed that, despite the success of the series, Moon Studios created an oppressive working environment behind the scenes. The issues raised cover a wide range of serious claims, including accusations of sexism, racism and crunch culture, and arose at a time when many developer studios were criticized for similar accusations.


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