Why GTA 6 will be so different after the Rockstar changes


Fans of Grand Theft Auto have been patiently waiting for the next part of the series; however, recent changes in Rockstar Games may lead to the fact that the next GTA game will be very different from its predecessors. Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development since 2014, a year after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. The release date is still unknown, although rumors are constantly circulating.

Rockstar Games was founded in 1998 and is well known for its Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series of games. Grand Theft Auto 6 will actually become the eighth main game of the Grand Theft Auto series, and GTA III forms a trilogy together with Vice City and San Andreas. While some of the GTA 6 release delays are related to COVID-19, others are related to internal company reshuffles and changing workplace culture, which has led to an extensive timeline of GTA 6 rumors over the years.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Rockstar Games has reinvented itself as a more progressive and employee-friendly company, and this change in workplace culture is also evident in its future games. Grand Theft Auto 6 will eventually become a very different game than its predecessors, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It looks like the game has already undergone some plot changes and conceptual shifts.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will reflect the changes in Rockstar Games

According to Bloomberg, it was originally planned that Grand Theft Auto 6 would cover large territories throughout North and South America, but now its size has been reduced to the fictional Miami. Rockstar Games also plans to update the game over time, adding new missions and cities. These changes are due to the fact that Rockstar pays more attention to the well-being of its employees. Previously, Rockstar focused on a seven-day work week, excessive overtime (the developers of Red Dead Redemption worked 100 hours a week) and constant deadline compression. Rockstar promised to change this, and so far it seems that they have done it. The Bloomberg article says:

Rockstar’s transformation includes schedule changes, the conversion of contractors to full-time employees, and the firing of several managers whom employees found offensive or difficult to work with […] Employees were given new mental health and vacation benefits. A new policy called “flexible hours” allows employees to take immediate leave for each additional hour of work.

Rockstar Games also canceled a game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online called Cops ‘n’ Crooks in connection with the murder of George Floyd by a policeman in 2020; After that, Rockstar even matched employee donations with Black Lives Matters charities. The developer is also increasingly reducing the gender pay gap within the company. Rockstar also plans to avoid jokes against marginalized groups and has even removed transphobic jokes from the latest releases of Grand Theft Auto 5. In addition, for the first time in the history of Grand Theft Auto in GTA 6, the main character will be a Latin American woman.

Over the past few years, Rockstar Games has done everything possible to turn into a more progressive and employee-friendly company, and it seems that this has affected its future games, including Grand Theft Auto 6. Judging by the flow of new information, regular GTA 6 updates and additional missions added over time are designed not to force employees work too much. Players won’t know what other changes Rockstar Games are making will affect their future games until Grand Theft Auto 6 is released.


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