Why Griffins may appear in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf


The newest part of the Dragon Age franchise has caused a big stir among fans: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf already tops the lists of the most anticipated players, despite the fact that the release date has not yet been announced. At the moment, only a few details have been revealed, but Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still a mystery. However, this hasn’t stopped gamers from speculating about what the game might contain, including turning to side novels like Dragon Age: Last Flight to get hints about the possible inclusion of new elements like griffins.

Dragon Age is an extensive franchise that has years of history and storytelling behind it. With three main games and several additional games, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has a rich narrative foundation on which to build your own story. While players know that the upcoming game will take place in the as-yet-unseen Tevinter Empire and that Solas will be the main antagonist, other aspects of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf remain a secret. Griffins may well return to the universe in the form of winged steeds, which can significantly expand the capabilities of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Mounts in previous games

Mounts were introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment of the franchise, and both the playable Inquisitor and his companions could ride them to different places. There were many different types, including dragolisks, horses, deer, and naggalopes, and while they all had the same speed and didn’t differ in many ways, they had different melee damage tolerances before they dropped their riders, with horses being the weakest in this regard and naggalopes the strongest.

Dragon Age: Inquisition had a variety of locations that players could explore, and in some larger regions, such as the Hinterlands, the Uplands and the Emerald Graves, it became much easier to navigate on a mount. They were not only useful and added a bit of fun to the gameplay, especially if players could unlock some unique exotic mounts, but also helped to supplement the knowledge of the game. For example, the Pride of Arlatan, a kind of deer, is associated with the potential exodus route that the elves took after the expansion of the Tevinter Empire, which fits well with the likely focus of the next game, given its setting and its main goal. the villain.

Griffins in Dragon Age Lore

To date, griffins have not appeared in the Dragon Age game, but this does not exclude their appearance in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Similar to the classic depiction of mythical creatures in real life, Dragon Age griffins are a combination of lions with the heads, wings and claws of eagles. Closely related to the Grey Sentinels before they became extinct, griffins were considered aborigines of the Wandering Hills and the northern reaches of the Hunting Horn Mountains. However, there are also conflicting reports that they originated from Segeron, which shows that there are still many myths and unknowns around the legendary creatures.

The Grey Guards managed to tame the griffins and even send some into battle on horseback, and Dragon Age: Inquisition has touches of this story. The connection between the Order of Warriors and mythical beasts can be seen in the Griffin armor set available in the Alien DLC, as well as in the Griffin Wings Fortress, a former outpost of the Gray Guards found in the Western Approach. After a Pestilence and various unsuccessful attempts by the Guardians to move the griffin nests, the creatures began to die out. They eventually became extinct during the Storm Era, although reports of sightings of griffins have appeared from time to time over the years.

Why They Might Be in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Shortly before the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition in late 2014, Tor Books published Dragon Age: Last Flight. The novel, set in the expanded Dragon Age universe, takes place at 9:41 Dragon Age and follows the elven mage Valya, recruited by the Grey Guardians. Having been assigned to investigate previous Seas to try to find answers to strange incidents and reports of reborn creatures of darkness, Valya stumbles upon the diary of Issei, one of the last legendary griffin riders. From Issei’s secret diary, Valya learns more about the history of the Guardians and discovers a cache of griffin eggs that were magically suspended in animation.

Vala manages to find the eggs, and the griffins eventually hatch, leading to the potential emergence of a new generation of winged creatures in Tedas. Although it is unclear exactly when the action of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will take place, it may happen a few years after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age: Last Flight, which will give the cubs that Valya found time to grow up.


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