Why God’s Favorite idiot is So Popular (despite the Bad Reviews)


Melissa McCarthy’s sitcom “God’s Favorite Idiot” is one of the most watched new games on Netflix, despite the fact that reviewers sharply criticize the series, which means that there is something in the series that critics overlook. Historically, the collaboration of Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone has not been loved by critics. The husband-and-wife duo starred in many films together, but none of their joint projects could win the sympathy of reviewers.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent such films as “The Power of Thunder” from becoming more attractive to viewers, which was repeated in the new sitcom of this couple “God’s Favorite Idiot”. The highly conceptual workplace comedy “God’s Favorite Idiot” appeared on Netflix and received terrible reviews on June 15. However, despite the critical criticism, “God’s Favorite Idiot” is gaining an audience at an impressive pace.

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Despite the fact that God’s favorite idiot received terrible reviews and a critical rating of 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, the Netflix comedy series about a meek office worker who becomes a guide for God and falls in love with his colleague earned an impressive audience rating of 76%. among the most popular offers of the streaming service. Falcone and McCarthy’s superhero parody, “Thunder Power,” also appealed to viewers, but the discrepancy between his unsatisfactory critical work and the audience’s best ratings wasn’t that big. The reason for this may be that after the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore, as well as due to the fact that Abbott Elementary went on a summer break, there are not enough sitcoms in the workplace on television right now. Despite the high conceptual premise of “God’s Favorite Idiot”, most user reviews call the culmination of the show mainly the chemistry between the actors and the cozy atmosphere of the sitcom in the workplace.

This is confirmed by audience reviews, in which Leslie Bibb is referred to as a devil deserving of praise. Over the years, Bibb has been an underrated comic book performer in everything from “Talladega Nights” to “Hell Baby,” and “God’s Favorite Idiot”, who offered her a big role, clearly impressed viewers who are not intimidated by the uneven script of the show. McCarthy’s collaboration with her partner in the film “Gilmore Girls” Janick Truesdale (Michelle from an earlier cult hit) also did not hurt: audience reviews called the actor’s return to the spotlight another highlight of “God’s Favorite Idiot.” So the central discrepancy seems to be between critics disagreeing with Falcone and McCarthy, while fans focus on the rest of the cast of “God’s Favorite Idiot.”

If we consider “God’s Favorite Idiot” as another vanity project of Falcone and McCarthy, it may well be seen as a disappointment for two talented comedic performers. However, many viewers seem to view the series as more of a workplace sitcom and are happy with “God’s Favorite Idiot” as an example of a subgenre, which makes them more forgiving of its shortcomings. Falcone and McCarthy’s next film, “Margie Claus,” may be the best test of their creative partnership, but “God’s Favorite Idiot” is a success with the audience, despite their participation, thanks to the talented supporting cast.