Why Fortnite had to add the Claude-6 Destiny skin


To add to the ever-growing number of properties appearing in Fortnite, Bungie has allowed Epic Games to introduce three new skins based on its Destiny intellectual property. These skins, based on Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala and exo Stranger, have their own unique gliders, picks and decorations on the back. Apart from the character sets, there is a separate “Exploration” emotion that allows players to summon their own ghost that scans the neighborhood. Fortnite players who are fans of Bungie’s first-person shooter will appreciate how Destiny characters have moved on to the cartoon battle royale from Epic Games.

But despite these new skins, Destiny fans may be disappointed by the absence of one particular character. This character is Kade—6 – Exo and former Hunter Vanguard. Kade-6 played an integral role in the plot of both Destiny and Destiny 2, helping countless Guardians before his untimely death at the hands of Uldren Owl. Cade’s wit and humor lifted the spirits of the other characters. With such a character present in Destiny, one has to wonder why he wasn’t added as a purchasable skin in Fortnite.

Cayde-6 brings all the fun

As already mentioned, Cade-6’s personality stands in stark contrast to most of the other Destiny characters, especially his fellow Vanguard members, Zavalla and Ikora Rey. His unique character can be attributed to the writers from Bungie, as well as to Nathan Fillion and Nolan North, the actors who portray him (North replaced Fillion during the character’s last appearance in Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC). The mantle of the Vanguard reluctantly passed to Cade-6 after he lost a bet following the death of his friend and former Vanguard of Hunters, Andal Brask. Despite doing well in his new job, Cade-6 still retained his high-stakes personality and dry humor, which made him an unpredictable threat to his enemies and a funny (if sometimes annoying) friend to his allies.

Fun at the heart of Fortnite

Kade’s frivolous and bright personality is why he fits in so well with Fortnite. Cade has a lot of jokes, emotions and references associated with him, and it’s surprising that none of them are included in the Destiny-Fortnite crossover. The “Odd Dance” emotion, which is said to be Kade’s favorite, is a dumb dance that will feel right at home with a lot of Fortnite dance emotions. His love for ramen was consolidated thanks to numerous replicas and visual references. And we must not forget about Cade’s favorite chicken-6, the Colonel, because he adds farce to the already humorous Cade.

The Cayde-6 even has its own unique weapon: the Ace of Spaces hand cannon. Since the weapon acts like a revolver, Fortnite can either create a wrapper for the Ace of Spaces weapon, or add the gun to the game as a unique ground item. Considering that the game currently has a powerful mined Kamehameha from Dragon Ball, adding an Ace of Spades wouldn’t be the strangest thing the game has done.

Bungie and Epic Games may not have included the Cayde-6 skin out of respect for the character’s death, or they may postpone it for another upcoming Destiny-Fortnite collaboration. In any case, it would be a big mistake not to add Cayde-6 to Fortnite. Cayde-6’s personality suits the Fortnite franchise even more than the Destiny characters that were added to the game. Many aspects of the character can be monetized or turned into game elements, such as new weapons or modes. Add to this the fact that neither Nathan Fillion nor Nolan North should voice the character (saving Epic Games a lot of money), and Cayde-6 should be an addition to Fornite.

Fortnite is already available on some mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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