Why former Britney Spears Kevin Federline allegedly agreed to a high-profile interview about the singer


Britney Spears was released from custody, which allowed her to remarry, but the drama is not over for her yet. Recently, the singer quarreled with ex-husband Kevin Federline. It was recently revealed that Federline participated in a high-profile interview during which he reportedly spoke in great detail about his ex-wife. He also claimed that their two teenage sons did not want to see Spears, even though they love her. Now a new report gives the alleged reason why Federline decided to give an interview.

Kevin Federline told the Daily Mail about his relationship with Britney Spears, and since then excerpts from the chat have hit the Internet. Spears has been in the news quite often lately for a number of reasons, so some may think that Federline wants to cash in on advertising. However, a source tells Page Six that the former backup dancer’s decision was caused not by influence, but by concern. Allegedly, Federline and the sons he shares with Spears, 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden James, are worried about her:

Kevin gave the interview because he and the boys are upset. They worry that everyone is completely ignoring the fact that Britney [is struggling with mental health issues], which is no secret.

Recently, the relationship between the former spouses has definitely been risky. Last week, they staged a kind of battle on social media, during which Britney Spears posted a long message about the problems she had with her children. She also accused her former lover that marijuana was available to their underage children. Kevin Federline responded by sharing several videos of various conversations that seemed to show the singer “Oh! … I did it again,” arguing with his sons. Eventually, after extensive media coverage, both Federline and Spears reversed course and deleted their respective posts.

The starlet’s new husband, Sam Asgari, also disagrees with K-Fed. After it turned out that he was giving an interview, Asgari criticized him, saying that the creator of “Playing with Fire” “for more than 15 years has worked little as a role model.” In addition, the Grammy winner reportedly doesn’t believe her ex-husband’s alleged reason for participating in the interview. A Page Six source in her camp said the allegations that her ex agreed to the chat out of concern are “pathetic and inexcusable.”

Up to this point, Kevin Federline had been relatively calm when it came to his ex-wife’s current status. However, through his lawyer, Federline spoke out towards the end of his ex’s guardianship. His lawyer suggested that if guardianship is revoked, he will have no problems with the fact that the performer will see his children “as long as the boys are under proper supervision and safe.” Earlier this year, there was another drama after the singer “…Baby One More Time” commented that Federline allegedly did not want to see her while she was pregnant. His lawyer later rejected this claim, calling it “completely contrary to the truth.”

The drama with Kevin Federline is not the only thing Britney Spears is doing right now. She is also involved in a legal battle with Jamie Spears’ father after the dissolution of her guardianship and seems to still be estranged from her mother, siblings. On a brighter note, Spears is said to be releasing new music with the legend and enjoying family life, sometimes in a colorful bikini at home. While Spears’ affairs are improving in some ways, only time will tell if her relationship with Federline and their two children will improve.


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