Why fans want a Jackson and April spinoff soon


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, will be saying goodbye this week when the eighth episode of season 18 airs on the ABC network. The last broadcast of the series in 2021, will arrive full of intensity as revealed in the promotional trailer released last Thursday. (Some spoilers for episode 8)

Grey’s Anatomy is likely to lose another of its doctors this week according to the latest promo. Since the drama will not return to fan screens until spring 2022, as usual, with the last episode of the first half of the season surely the writers of the show will leave loyal viewers in suspense regarding the time of life or death of one of the doctors.

Recall that since Grey’s Anatomy was released in 2005, each of its characters quickly became fan favorites. The vast majority of them left over time; and while some are dead, others who are fortunately alive have occasionally returned with guest appearances. Such is the case with April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew, who stayed on the series from season 6 to 14, but she returned at the end of season 17.

On Grey’s Anatomy April Kepner paired with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), and they undoubtedly became one of the drama’s most beloved. They went through many difficult times, and one of these was when they lost their newborn son, Samuel. Later, they had Harriet and later she married Matthew Taylor. The previously announced reason for her return made an impact as her purpose was to leave with the father of her daughter.

As fans know, Jackson decided to leave Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital to run the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston, and he is convinced that he will make a change in the world of medicine. Therefore, after meeting with his ex-wife April, now divorced from Matt Taylor, he decided to take her with him.

After season 17 of the long-running show, nothing more has been heard from the pair, and it is for that reason that Grey’s Anatomy fans are eagerly asking for an April and Jackson spin-off, in order to know what is on. happening between them, since the last time they saw them they had not been united on the sentimental plane.

While the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 17 was quite open, it still left fans wanting more and, perhaps, a continuation of their love story, as the one they had before, although it was imperfect, mutual love. April and Jackson was undeniable. Fans want a redemption arc for the couple, as they both spent most of the series apart and therefore now want to know if they will have a happy ending.