Why Fans Still Can’t Forgive This Doctor For Doing It?


One of the most memorable moments happened in the second season of Grey’s Anatomy which saw Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) throw ethics to the wind by cutting a patient’s LVAD wire to get him a heart transplant. The results still make fans overreact to everything that happened afterward.

For one thing, when Grey’s Anatomy premiered in 2005, Dr. Gray led a group of interns, including Stevens (Katherine Heigl). However, as the show progressed, Izzie Stevens eventually became a doctor whose past was long and complicated.

Recall that Stevens grew up in a trailer park, an upbringing that repeatedly reminded people when it was time for an excuse.

Likewise, after modeling and trying to find a purpose in life, she finally fell in love with the medical community. As an intern, she was an ambitious worker who was not afraid to do what she thought was right or most beneficial in dangerous situations.

While her love triangles and personal drama made the character stand out, this attitude towards her work made it the most memorable drama.

On the other hand, when Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) joined the cast in an arc about a man awaiting a heart transplant, Dr. Stevens (Katherine Heigl) did the unthinkable and sabotaged a procedure to take him to the top of the game. a transplant list above anyone else.

This caused a mystery, as no one knew who did it. Eventually, Dean’s character died despite his heart transplant, and Izzie was left with the burden of what she did.

This action still annoys fans who look back in disgust at her actions. Any show that’s been on the airwaves for as long as Grey’s Anatomy is sure to be judged multiple times. Many see Stevens’ actions as the moment her character went from a solid, credible presence to a total annoyance.

“I wish she didn’t turn into a brat later. She was great and then the LVAD cable happened and it all went downhill, “said one of the fans on the Reddit social network.