Why fans remember the 90-day-old bride of the star Stephanie Davidson


Some TLC viewers miss the self-proclaimed “cougar” of 90-day-old bride Stephanie Davison. 52-year-old Stephanie was engaged to 27-year-old Ryan Carr in season 7 of the series. Stephanie, the owner of Skin Envy Medispa & Boutique, met Ryan while on vacation in Belize and dated him for three years before applying for a K-1 visa so he could come to the US. While Stephanie was waiting for Ryan to arrive, she talked about her trust issues, as she caught Ryan texting with several women. Stephanie spent $500 to $1,300 a month on Ryan, but she also had her own secret, since she was dating his cousin Harris Flowers.

The process of obtaining a visa by Ryan was constantly postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Stephanie decided to visit Belize. There, the relationship between Stephanie and Ryan soured. In fact, she claimed that he physically assaulted her. Stephanie then turned to his cousin Harris for comfort, but he was already married and even had children of his own. The show ended with Stephanie planning to send Harris to America. However, soon enough, a woman from Michigan said that her entire storyline was falsified. Although Stephanie and Ryan were a real couple, she said they broke up even before she started acting. In Stephanie’s Instagram video, which she called “Talking on the Couch with Steph,” she called Harris a replacement, saying she never intended to bring him to the US on a K-1 visa. She said that her portrayal of “age is just a number” was inaccurate, and noted that she was hurt (and unhappy) in Belize due to long hours of filming and mosquito bites.

It seems Stephanie’s discomfort was being broadcast on TV into something else, and the steroids and antihistamines she was taking to treat insect bites eventually made her look like she was under the influence. She seemed stunned and even called Harris “Ryan” on camera, and her eyes seemed to close in mid-sentence. Fans were very intrigued by Stephanie then and still are, because she is no longer so active on Instagram. Reddit user u/Azurebluenomad remembered Stephanie from the 8th season of “The 90-day groom” and wondered if she would be a great addition to Pillow Talk or 90 Day: The Single Life. “Yes, I miss Stephanie, she was one of my favorites! RYHarris’ wine mash—up was iconic,” wrote u/Twizzlers666. “She was drunk most of the time on the show,” added u/No_Sir446. The accompanying photo of Stephanie with her “mega pint” of wine also sparked a reaction from fans like u/fastingallstar, who wrote: “I saw her on the show and never thought she poured her glasses so high.”

However, fans recalled that Stephanie planned to sue TLC because she needed hospital treatment due to an allergic reaction from insect bites. The lawsuit claimed that TLC producers did not want to pay for the medical expenses of Stephanie, the actor of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days”, and she sued for compensation. She wanted funds for medical expenses and other expenses incurred during filming. In her now-deleted post, Stephanie wrote hashtags, including: “#they can’t *c*themselves #pay as much as they can #take care of the caste #manipulate it’s unlikely#see you in court,” which may have been the reason she wasn’t invited from “Say It All.” In addition, Stephanie had problems after she allegedly announced injections of ipamorelin and sermorelin at her nonsurgical weight loss clinic, noting that they help prevent COVID-19. Stephanie was in a quandary with the Michigan Attorney general, but she eventually reached an agreement that resolved the dispute.

Even more shockingly, Stephanie’s last Instagram post was a selfie with inmate O.J. Simpson, posted on Valentine’s Day, which sparked relationship rumors. Stephanie has since gone silent at IG, so TLC viewers are looking for answers about the Grand Rapids woman. Some fans suggest that after all that Stephanie has been through in her season, she will not return to any series of the 90 Days of the Groom franchise. As fans complain that the current cast is boring, it’s no wonder they miss watching Stephanie’s controversial antics on screen.