Why fans of “Welcome to Plattville” say that the series is too scripted


Some continuity errors in season 4 of “Welcome to Plattville” led to fans calling the reality show too complicated a scenario. Fans love the show for its seemingly sincere moments and the whole family drama. After seeing how much is scripted in Plattville, fans question all the craziest moments of the show, such as Ethan and Barry Plath’s iconic confrontation in the driveway.

The fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville” brought a lot of changes to the Platt family. Mika adjusts to her brand new life in Los Angeles with a brand new group of friends, while Moria, Ethan and Olivia Plath experience everything Tampa has to offer. It also follows Kim and Barry Plath’s crumbling marriage, which led to Kim temporarily moving out and asking to break up with Barry.

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Kim’s behavior has changed “Welcome to Platteville” since she came back to life before meeting Barry, which means she listens to secular music and dresses the way she wants. This season also showed a different side of Barry, as he is finally vulnerable in front of the cameras, crying when he had to talk to younger children about separation. Plathville brings drama to every episode, but fans have started to notice that the series has become less natural and more scripted. Now most of the drama between family members seems more strained and less authentic than in previous seasons.

Moria went through a lot in season 4 of “Welcome to Platteville”, as it is very difficult for her to survive the breakup with Max Kalschmidt. To make matters worse, Max posted a video about their relationship and Moriah was furious, but part of the drama was undermined by some obviously staged moments right after that. A keen r/nelsonbrownbird fan said: “When she’s lying on the bed and watching videos, they’re long and black, and then when she’s with them in the kitchen, it’s her short natural nails,” proving that they reshot the scene in the kitchen where Moriah breaks down the way after she first saw the video.

This season of “Welcome to Platteville” also had some heartwarming moments between Moria and Kim, who talked on the beach about their failed relationship. Kim discusses why she wants to leave Barry, and Moriah tells her mom why she and Max actually broke up. Fans couldn’t help but notice some editing mistakes when r/candyycanechildd said, “Has anyone else noticed that Moriah’s earrings were swapping back and forth in the beach scene with Kim?” In the past, “Welcome to Plattville” has been accused of fake storylines, and this reinforces rumors that the big some of them are fake.