Why fans of “Welcome to Plattville” can’t stand Max Kalschmidt


Max Kalschmidt used to be a fan favorite of “Welcome to Plattville” after he started dating Moria Platt, but now he has become a bad player after their breakup. Many fans are starting to think that Max was too controlling, and Moriah deserves more as a partner. Max and Moriah’s breakup has been one of the main storylines this season, and fans are hoping to see the couple sit down together and talk before they finish any reconciliation.

Max won the show “Welcome to Plattville Fans” and Moriah’s strict family, as he sympathized with her tough upbringing and revealed Moriah’s more carefree side. Their relationship went well in the third season, as he was invited to dinner at the Plath family home, which is important. Max gave Moria a promise ring in the season finale, saying that one day he wanted to marry her, and the couple had plans to move together to Tampa. When the couple broke up, many fans changed their position and blamed Max for his behavior.

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Max’s YouTube video of his version of the story angered Moria and many “Welcome to Platteville” fans, as he seemed to downplay his role in their breakup. Moria said that after watching the video, she felt that he was trying to blame her, saying that at that time they already had problems in the relationship, which, according to her, is not true. The video also shows how Max admitted that he crossed the border with another woman, without revealing that he kissed her. He pretended that he and Moriya were in a good place, but that wasn’t the case, as she had no idea that he was going to post a video with intimate details about their breakup.

Fans of “Welcome to Plattville” are upset that Max hurt and betrayed Moria by kissing another woman while they were together. This isn’t the first time fans have been angry about Moria, as many sided with her when Max questioned her fashion choices. Many fans have always thought that Max controls what she wears. Despite Max’s controlling nature, while they were together, Moriah spent most of this season mourning their breakup, even writing sad songs about it.

In season 4 of “Welcome to Plattville,” Max hung out with Mika Plath, whom Max got close to while dating Moria. He apologized for hurting Moria and the entire Plath family, but his vague details of what happened to another woman didn’t save him from the fans. It didn’t help that Max admitted in his candid YouTube video that he would not appear in season 4 of the show, despite the fact that he had already appeared several times. Many “Welcome to Plattville” fans find his interviews useless as he continues to give roundabout answers that add nothing to the show.