Why fans of “Welcome to Plattville” are tired of the story of the breakup of Moriah Max


When Moriah Plath first started dating Max Kalschmidt in “Welcome to Plattville,” it seemed like love at first sight. Fans were thrilled with her because it was her first relationship and they were glad to see that she was able to get such an experience. In addition, her family was very supportive and accepted him. Max even had a close relationship with his parents, Moriah Kim and Barry Plath.

Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when Max found himself surrounded by rumors of infidelity. Earlier, he admitted that he “crossed some boundaries,” but never went into any specific details. In this new season, he finally dispelled the rumors by telling Moria’s brother, Mika Plath, what happened. He was excited when he explained how it happened. everything went downhill.He said he was at a friend’s retirement party and he ended up kissing another woman while he was there.The news of this eventually put an end to Max and Moria’s relationship.

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From the very beginning, it was clear that Moriah had sincere feelings for Max and really loved him. He even entrusted the help of her younger sister Lydia Plath to help him choose an engagement ring for her. At that moment, it seemed that Max was perfect for Moria. Since this was Moria’s first relationship coupled with the promise of forever, the grief she felt was shattered when their relationship didn’t turn out as expected. Moria’s broken heart has affected her a lot, but the fans are sick of hearing it. Fans took to Reddit to express their disappointment and annoyance over the storyline of Max and Moria’s breakup. Reddit user resolute01 said: “I hope that all this season Moria is not crying about Max. Forget about it, otherwise the producers will stop showing it.”

The breakup not only affects Moria morally and emotionally, but also affects her daily life and her motivation to move forward. Recently, Moria’s sister-in-law, Olivia Plath, announced her move to Tampa, Florida, on IG with her husband Ethan Plath. Moria also participated in the move, and she lives with them. Moriah has neglected any housework and does not contribute in any way to the performance of any housework activities. Fans were also quick to notice this and were annoyed that Moriah was using her broken heart as an excuse not to commit to anything. Reddit user poepipper wrote in the same thread: “Well, at least Moriah continues to leave housework AGAIN! I’m going to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks! Unpopular opinion, but this girl is really lazy!”

Fans are annoyed not only by what they hear about the collapse of the relationship between Moriah and Max, but also by how they deal with it in “Welcome to Plattville”. Although many viewers empathize, they just want the show to move forward and focus on other aspects of Moria’s life. She is still very young and has so many opportunities ahead of her. Despite the fact that it may seem like the end of the world to her, fans know that much more awaits her if she could just look through Max. They also know that she deserves better, and only want her to see it too.