Why fans of the TV series “90 days of the groom” consider Varya Malina the queen of drama


Despite the fact that Varya Malina, a graduate of the 90-day Groom, has not appeared in the series for more than two years, many viewers consider her the queen of drama. Varya first appeared in season 4 of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: up to 90 Days” with an ambiguous cast of Jeffrey Pashel. They met on an international dating site and chatted for several months before Jeffrey went to Russia to meet her. However, their journey was not entirely smooth.

Varya’s friends were concerned about Jeffrey’s behavior, and they were uneasy about how ready she was to be alone with the man she had just met. There was also the fact that Jeffrey confessed to a criminal past. He was serving time for drug-related crimes. Jeffrey did not like Vari’s reticence, but despite these concerns, he proposed before returning to America. However, Varya refused him, because she felt that the relationship was developing too quickly.

As a result, when Jeffrey returned home, he became Vari’s ghost. He then became close to another love interest, Mary Wallace. Much to his surprise (and the audience), the 90-day-old bride Varya appeared on his doorstep to prove her love and devotion to him. Unfortunately, after the season ended, fans learned more about Jeffrey’s sordid history, including allegations of domestic violence. He was sentenced to 18 years, but this did not prevent Varya from declaring herself, which earned her the title of “drama queen”.

Varya shares controversial news about Jeffrey

As soon as Jeffrey was found guilty, many fans spoke very openly about their feelings for him and his troubled past. Nevertheless, Varya continues to share personal news, for example, how her first visit to prison with Jeffrey went and how they decide his retrial. She even asked for donations to his account at the store. In addition, despite the fact that the judicial system found Jeffrey guilty, Varya from 90 Day Fiancé confirmed her innocence on social networks and other online platforms. These actions certainly earned her a place among other infamous colleagues in the 90DF film.

Varya shares detailed personal information

Varya tends to disclose personal information about her personal life, for example, when she participated in a medical trial. She said she faced a riot that led her to participate in court, but the torment eventually forced her to leave earlier. There was also a case when she shared information about the problems her mother faced during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even if the situation has no obvious connection with it, it brings it to the fore.

Varya likes to stay in the headlines

Varya appeared in only one season of the 90 Days of the Groom franchise, but she manages to stay in the spotlight by appearing in headlines or popular posts on social networks. While other graduates of the series “90-day groom” lie low, even after appearing in several seasons, it seems that Varya is doing everything possible to attract attention to herself and her antics. Whether it’s revealing her personal problems, Jeffrey’s problems, her family’s problems, or other facts, she does her best to draw attention to herself.

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At one time or another, many stars of the 90-day Groom franchise are guilty of being drama queens (or kings). However, in the case of Varya, her relationship with Jeffrey is surrounded by a negative stigma, and many viewers find it repulsive. It is unknown if Varya and Jeffrey are married, but the couple clearly have a line of communication. Although her “ride or die” mentality may seem admirable to some people, most fans of the “90-day groom” who hope that Varya will sooner or later realize that she deserves better.