Why fans of the TV series “90 days of the groom” can’t stand the girl Lisa Hamme


Most fans of “The 90-day Groom” agree that Lisa “Baby” Hamme is one of the least favorite actors in the franchise, and it’s time to explain why she’s not exactly loved by fans. Over the years, many actors have become infamous. Although villains often bring drama to the series, there is a limit to this. The stars of the 90DF reality show can cross the line, and when they do, the fans can turn against them.

Lisa was introduced to the audience in the 4th season of “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days” when she went to Nigeria to meet her rapper fiance Usman “Sojaba” Umar. Viewers questioned the marriage of Lisa and Usman, as they quickly noticed all the alarming signals in their relationship. The couple had an age difference of 22 years, and Lisa’s jealousy quickly became a problem, since Usman had a lot of fans. As expected by the audience, the relationship between Lisa and Usman did not go well, as they divorced. Nevertheless, Lisa went down in the history of the 90-day groom as one of the most infamous actors. That’s why fans of 90 Day Fiancé can’t stand Lisa “Babygirl” Hamme.

From the very beginning, fans did not like how Lisa reacted to Usman. She looked jealous, aggressive and domineering. The villain from the franchise also disrespected Usman’s career and culture. During the season, the couple quarreled several times. One of the couple’s explosive arguments began when Lisa demanded that her now ex-husband block the woman on social media. Lisa threatened to leave Usman if he didn’t block her immediately. During the fight, Lisa ridiculed Usman’s rap career, and fans found the woman’s behavior emotionally offensive. During the season, it seemed that Usman wanted to get a green card, but fans felt that Usman’s motives did not matter compared to Lisa’s actions.

During the Tell-All episode, it was revealed that Lisa had used a racial whore against Usman, which was the last straw for many viewers. After a negative reaction from TLC fans, Lisa was fired, but that didn’t stop the villain of the 90-day groom from trying to stay in the spotlight. A Reddit user, Pyt_Ja, commented: “It hurts to look at her [Lisa] and Usman (she makes Angela look like a saint).” This says a lot about the fans’ opinion of Lisa, given that Angela Dim is one of the most controversial stars of the 90—day Groom. Another Reddit user believes that Lisa verbally and emotionally insults everyone she encounters.

It is clear that fans of 90 Day Fiancé do not condone Lisa’s racist and abusive behavior. Despite the fact that Lisa is now married to Tracy Robinson, she still scolds her ex-husband on social media. The last case occurred when Lisa insulted Usman’s hygiene on Instagram. In general, fans agree that Lisa Hamme is a mean person, and that her racist and manipulative behavior should not be flaunted.