Why fans of the 90-day-old groom are amazed by Emily’s photos


Emily Biberli has left fans of the 90-day-old groom delighted thanks to her before and after photos, which she often shows on Instagram. Emily, a 29-year-old girl from Kansas, considered herself a wild child before she landed in China and started working as an English teacher. A few weeks before her return to America, Emily slept with 34-year-old Kobi Blaze in a nightclub. Emily and Kobe had no idea that over the next two years they would not only get engaged, but also have two children. They will also be featured in season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, where millions of TLC viewers will evaluate their every move.

From the very beginning, Emily seemed to the fans to be a spoiled girl, who immediately labeled her “unattractive”. Not only did she stay at her parents’ house after Emily returned home pregnant, but she also expected her parents to pay her bills and support Kobe when he got a K-1 visa. Emily didn’t agree with Kobi’s parenting methods and behaved stubbornly several times, especially when it came to not letting him drive her car. She also shocked fans by buying her own engagement ring. Fans were particularly annoyed with Emily, and they wished several times that Kobi would break up with her. Controlling Emily and Kobi, whom she humiliates in almost every scene they shoot together in “The 90-day groom,” are not the couple that fans think will last after the show.

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However, 90-day-old bride Emily, who does have her share of haters, also has a lot of people who support her, at least on Instagram. Emily has become an “influential face of mom,” who usually gives advice on parenting and weight loss, while defending the fact that she is breastfeeding her son Koban in the series. It seems that fans are particularly keen on Emily’s weight loss content, and she entertains them by regularly sharing before and after photos. It was Kobi who pointed out to Emily that she gained weight after the birth of their child, after he introduced the 90-day-old groom. After that, she made it clear that she now looks completely different than during the filming of season 9.

However, there is something about Emily’s photos taken before the 90-day fiance that seems to fascinate fans. Scrolling down her Instagram feed, you will see a lot of memorable moments that she shared with her followers before she became a reality TV star. These photos show the “wild child” that Emily was during college. Emily preferred parties to studying and believed in the mantra: “Do you know what a degree is?” Emily shared photos from workouts in which she was noticeably slimmer than on the groom’s 90th day. In the 2017 photo, Emily’s friends call her “Skinny Minnie!” and “HOTTIE”, and the 2018 photo is a selfie in which Emily shows off her “natural beauty” without makeup. Reality TV star Emily’s hair was also long and straightened (or more curly and short), which gave her a different vibe compared to the thick and side-combed curls she wore in the series.

Emily has undergone many changes over time, which is quite natural. However, her current appearance is something she has been hiding well. While she reveals how much weight she lost after having baby number two with Kobe, with the help of mirror selfies, fans can get a clearer picture of her weight loss progress during the 90-day season of Fiancé 9 Tell-All. As the season comes to an end (there are only two episodes left before the reunion), there is almost no chance that Emily will receive an arc of redemption. However, fans of “90 Day Fiancé” are usually kind to the actors when they show positive changes. Therefore, it is quite possible that Emily’s new makeup will eventually earn her unanimous praise.


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