Why fans of the 90-day groom love or hate Jovi and Yara


Since their appearance in the 8th season of “90 Day Fiancé“, fans have been divided about Yara Zai and Jovi Dufresne. The couple met on a travel app when Jovi was bored on a business trip and he was looking for a quick acquaintance in Budapest. Despite the fact that they had an awkward first date, they traveled together for six months, and Yara became pregnant. Unfortunately, Yara had a miscarriage of the couple’s first child, and she needed an appropriate operation. However, before the operation, she lost her passport, and Jovi left her alone in Montenegro, as he had to return to work.

Despite the fact that Jovi from 90 Day Fiancé abandoned her when she needed him most, Yara agreed to come to the United States on a K-1 visa. Soon she hated life in New Orleans, and just as quickly Yara got pregnant again. The couple got married in Las Vegas. Yara then spent most of her pregnancy alone due to Covid-19 restrictions affecting how long Jovi had been out of work. When Jovi was at home, he just wanted to hang out with friends, watch strippers, have fun and drink. Jovi continued to show that he was not ready for fatherhood, and Yara continued to forgive him, hoping that he would grow up.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have a love-hate relationship with Jovi and Yara because they are mildly disappointing. Their positive energy and ability to laugh together are obvious. However, the way Jovi treats Yara is often insensitive at best, and she often helps him. Jovi and Yara can be exceptionally selfish, but there were moments when they redeemed themselves, although it seems they like to drive each other crazy over sports (especially Jovi). The fans who were rooting for him realized that as he progressed, he was starting to back off, showing that Jovi wasn’t ready to shed his label as a man-child. However. Yara has really changed since her debut in the reality show, when she was portrayed as a money hunter. In subsequent spin-offs, she accepted motherhood, even if it moved into closed territory.

Jovi and Yara from 90 Day Fiancé argue a lot

When fans of the series “90 days of the bride” watch Jovi and Yara, they can’t help but notice that the couple often quarrel. Although Yara can often laugh at Jovi’s insensitivity, she also said it hurts her. Fans saw Yara pleading with Jovi to make changes several times with tears in her eyes, only for her concerns to be rejected or belittled by her husband. Even though she’s worried about it, Jovi joked about making Yara angry in his Instagram live stream when a fan noted that he seems to make her angry in every episode. Jovi replied, “I mean, it’s fun.”

Is Jovi’s 90-day-old fiance’s insensitivity getting worse?

In 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Fans were shocked by the behavior of the travel lover Jovi, as he criticized Yara’s upbringing when she had to mostly raise their daughter Maila on her own due to his unusual work schedule. Jovi works as a specialist in underwater robotics, so he often leaves for a long time. In the show, he said he wanted to “bring back the old Yara,” and took her to a strip club on a romantic evening in Miami, angering fans. They felt that he was even more insensitive than usual and did not appreciate his wife. Despite the fact that fans were on Yara’s side in that she put her child’s needs above her own, her popularity has declined recently, as some subscribers noted that the fashionable Ukrainian woman resold her used clothes in her online store.

Despite the fact that there is something to hate, there is something to love. Jovi and Yara’s IG pages are filled with photos of the couple and Maila. Despite the happy photos, Jovi said that their marriage is still in a difficult situation. They were also looking for a new city to call home, which increased the pressure. Despite the shortcomings, Jovi and Yara are a worthy couple, and since Yara sees a man who can be Jovi, their supporters consider them a couple worth rooting for. Not only do their fans love them, but comments on their IG posts from other stars of the 90-day groom, such as Jibri Bell and Armando Niedermayer-Rubio, show that they are a pleasant couple. The duo knows how to entertain their audience by being themselves. Many people hope that the franchise will continue to follow this couple, giving them more love and less hate.


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