Why Fans of 1,000-Pound Sisters Notice That Tammy Never Eats on Screen


The 1,000-pound Sisters star Tammy Slayton doesn’t often catch the eye for food while filming for the TLC show. The Kentucky native is still trying to lose weight to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Some fans are now wondering if she feels comfortable sniffing while being filmed.

While most fans of the 1,000-pound sisters will agree that Tammy has had a hard life, many of them seem to enjoy watching her struggle play out on the small screen. For Tammy, her life was a constant struggle between trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and submitting to her addictions. Tammy’s attitude has also been a serious problem for her, as her tantrums often alienate her sister Amy Holterman and further strain their relationship. Unfortunately, in the past, she didn’t make much effort to clean herself up. Now she is still in a rehabilitation center in Ohio.

Viewers of the 1000-lb Sisters recently wondered while discussing the show in a thread started by Julianorths on Reddit, noting that the series often talks about how bad Tammy eats, but never actually films how she eats. Viewers noted that she eats in a “restaurant from time to time”, but usually does not do it day in and day out. One of the viewers noted that they would like to see Tammy “doing everything in my power” in terms of following her restrictive diet. Like many people with eating disorders, she may hide her binge drinking or purges from loved ones in the hope that she will not be caught.

Unfortunately, viewers believe that there is a simple answer to the question of why Tammy never eats on camera, namely the fact that she probably eats secretly. The theory makes sense, since Tammy has been going to the doctors for several seasons and trying to lose weight. Viewers joked that Tammy must have felt like she was getting away with carrying food, except that she didn’t take into account the fact that people would understand as soon as she continued to gain weight, not lose it. Another thread participant suggested another possible reason, writing that TLC plans certain “segments of the day to come and shoot everything they need.”

Tammy can easily get food, as she can order online or ask a boyfriend like Jerry to deliver it to her door. Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters are ready for the new season, during which Tammy hinted that TLC has started filming. There was even news that Tammy was scheduled for gastric bypass surgery. If this information is correct, it would mean that Tammy has overcome her eating problems. It’s safe to say that fans won’t see the star eating again while the cameras are on.


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