Why Fans Don’t Like Zack and Tori Roloff’s Battleground in Washington


Zack and Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World moved away from the rest of the Roloffs to Battle Ground, Washington, but some fans were not inspired by some aspects of their new home. Before moving to Washington, Zack and Tori lived in Portland, Oregon. Zach, Tori and their children lived in a five-bedroom house near the Roloff family farm in Hillsborough and bought the house in 2018 for about $500,000.

Zach, who is the eldest of four children with twin Jeremy, seemed destined to take over Roloff Farms from his father, Matt Roloff, when Matt announced his intention to sell part of their esteemed pumpkin patch, so fans were surprised when Tori announced they had moved an hour (and a staff) in October. last year. Due to the failure of negotiations about the farm with Matt and their generally negative attitude towards Matt, Amy’s mother and Amy’s husband, Chris Marek, Zach and Tori are not exactly the favorite actors of the audience.

While Zach and Tori are happy with their new home in Washington, fans couldn’t disagree with Chris when he criticized the property during a visit to the 23rd season of “Little People, Big World.” There are several reasons why fans on Reddit aren’t also impressed with Zack and Tori’s home on the Battlefield.

Fans think Zach and Tori moved out to spite Matt

One of the reasons fans of Little People, Big World aren’t impressed with Zack and Tori’s new home in Washington is that they think it was bought with bad intentions. Since Matt refused to sell part of Roloff Farms to Zach and instead posted the acres online for $4 million, viewers think that Zach and Tori’s move was a hasty and irrational decision made so that Matt wouldn’t see his three grandchildren again. “I think it’s just a house where you can escape from Matt and his ego,” suggested one Reddit user, while another commented that the property value of Zack and Tori from LPBW may not increase over time, given that Zack “made a hasty decision to “punish” him.” Dad.”

Fans Think the house is Beyond Zack and Tory’s Budget

Tori and Zach bought their Battle Ground home for just under $1 million, which some fans of Little People, Big World consider irresponsibly expensive. Several Reddit users were surprised that Zach and Tori bought their new home for $944,000, despite not selling their first home in Oregon. Others found it especially strange that Zack and Tori spend so much money, while their only source of income is participation in the TV series “Little People, Big World”. “The bank has lent [Zack and Tori] all this money, and they DON’t HAVE a JOB,” one user ranted and theorized. “Honestly, it’s because Matt and Amy are keeping TLC viewers/executives on board.”

Fans aren’t impressed by Zack and Tori’s neighborhood

While some Small People, fans of the Big World praised the interior of Zack and Tori’s new home, they were shocked when the cameras showed the untidy surrounding area in season 23. Several fans have called the area “ugly,” “untidy,” and “disgusting.” and one person even called his neighborhood a “straight dump.” Another Redditor commented: “They made such a strange choice. Not to mention that these 2 acres have a great view of the neighbors’ mini dump.” Many viewers don’t consider Zack and Tori’s Battlefield residence their permanent home, although time will tell how long the family will stay in Washington and what the future holds for the Roloff Farm.