Why Fans Don’t Care that Kim Kardashian Ruined Marilyn Monroe’s Dress


Kim Kardashian of The Kardashians may have ruined the late Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress that Marilyn wore in 1962, but some fans don’t seem to mind that she obviously ruined a vintage dress. The story began on May 2, when Kim and the rest of the Kar-Jenner women arrived at the 2022 gala. On the red carpet, Kim wore a shiny dress in which Marilyn sang “Happy Birthday” to the future American President John F. Kennedy. The reaction to Kim’s outfit lasted more than a month. Marilyn’s fans were outraged that Kim would wear this dress and that the Ripley Museum would “Believe it or not” lend it to her, knowing how fragile the dress is, which is decades old.

Later, Kim caused even more anger when she admitted that she had lost 16 pounds to fit into a dress. However, the drama really broke out when photos of Marilyn’s dress at her new Ripley place in Hollywood revealed a disturbing fact. The dress, it would seem, was not in pristine condition, as it was before Kim wore it to the Met Gala. The photos show that some crystal jewelry was missing from the dress, and there were also several protruding threads. Further video footage posted on social media also showed that the straps of the dress were torn, although they had previously been intact. Fans suggested that after she lost weight, Kim still didn’t fit perfectly into the dress and may have stretched it trying to squeeze into it.

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While many fans are still upset about what is now being called #Marylindressgate, others don’t care at all that Kim ruined the historic dress. Twitter user @jzux wrote: “No offense, but I literally don’t care that Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress. I will never allow myself a house.” The tweet was meant to point out that much worse things are happening than Kim ruining an old dress. The Twitter user was criticized by some Marilyn fans, but many agreed that the obsession with drama in clothes is the definition of first world problems. The same Twitter user added: “I would tear this dress with my bare hands and eat it if it meant I could buy a house.”

I would tear this dress with my bare hands and eat it if it meant I could buy a house

Other fans also took to social media to share their thoughts on Kim’s “Marilyn dress” controversy. Since there have been several mass shootings in America over the past month, and many people are struggling to pay for gas and rent, some fans believe that worrying about Marilyn’s dress should not be on anyone’s priority list. Kardashian fans also noted that no one talked about the dress until Kim put it on, so the reality TV star actually added value to the dress by increasing public interest in the clothes. Reddit user CompleteSpinach9 shared a meme saying they were tired of hearing about the fiasco, and many other fans agreed that the endless drama with the dress was bothering them.

Maybe Kim allegedly ruined Marilyn’s dress, this is not the most pressing problem in the modern world. However, Marilyn’s fans still have the right to be upset. Many argue that, despite the state of the world, it is normal to be interested in pop culture and fashion. However, if these fans had applied the same passion to helping the world, instead of calling the Kardashian star, the world would certainly be a better place. So maybe the fans who don’t care about a ruined dress are right.