Why fans consider season 13 the most excruciating


Grey’s Anatomy will return in a month with the rest of the season 17 episodes on ABC, and fans are still anxious to find out what will happen to Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), who remains on a ventilator.


The longest-running medical drama of all time on television, Grey’s Anatomy, has consequently become accustomed to playing with the hearts of fans during its long 17-season run thus far.


There are many heartbreaking and joyous moments that through its plot the series has brought to the screens of regular viewers with its customary drama. Fans have never stopped reviewing previous episodes; however, a specific season is the one they refuse to see again.


And it is that season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy was rated even by loyal fans of the drama as the most unbearable of his entire career for a very particular reason. This is because the character Eliza Minnick, played by Marika Domińczyk, is the most hated in the series.


As every Grey’s Anatomy fan knows, Eliza Minnick appeared on Gray Sloan in season 13 with the purpose of changing the way in which regular doctors train interns and hospital residents.


Eliza Minnick was introduced as an antagonist on Grey’s Anatomy, and she quickly became a being that everyone began to detest, not only by hospital staff, but by fans as well. This, despite her relationship with Arizona Robbins.


Along these lines, some fans of the ABC drama said on Reddit that they don’t like watching season 13 because they find its plot and character Eliza Minnick so unbearable. In the series, the surgeon also made Richard Webber’s life miserable.


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