Why Everyone Wears Sunglasses in The Matrix


A Matrix fan theorized about the secret to sunglasses in the movie. This theory explains why characters like Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus always wear sunglasses. However, it is not possible to speak of the correctness of the theory, unfortunately.

Moviegoers came across a production they had never encountered before in 1999. This production was the “Matrix” legend that dragged millions of moviegoers with its effects never before seen, rather than action-packed scenes. The Matrix, which was handled by the directors known as the Wachowski Brothers, manages to make a name for itself even today.

The Matrix legend appeared before the audience two more times after the attention it received. The characters named Neo, Trinity and Morpheus attracted a lot of attention with their stories and their unique styles. However, since that day, there is a curious subject about these characters; These were the sunglasses of the legendary trio Matrix. Now a Matrix fan has come up with the remarkable theory about the characters’ sunglasses.

Matrix fans believed that the sunglasses worn were actually more than aesthetics. They were right because our characters wore their glasses under all circumstances. So this must have had a different meaning. Here is a theory developed by a Matrix fan that firmly explains why such a thing happened.

According to the theory of the Matrix fan, the reason why Neo, Trinity and Morpheus were constantly wearing sunglasses was because they were aware of the situation they were in. So these characters know they are in a simulation, so they were wearing sunglasses. Those who weren’t wearing sunglasses were unaware that they were in a simulation. So the sunglasses-worn characters in the movie did something like this to stand out from the rest.

The Wachowski Brothers often care about mysterious details in their projects. As such, no one had thought of the aesthetic purpose of sunglasses that integrate with the Matrix. However, it could not be explained for what purpose the popular sunglasses in the Matrix universe were used. Perhaps the latest theory developed by a fan is correct, and the Wachowski Brothers did indeed prefer the sunglasses detail for a reason like this theory.


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