Why Erica Jane threw out the book “RHOBH” by Garcel Beauvais: “They are still feuding”


One woman’s trash. Erica Jane made headlines when she threw Garcel Beauvais‘ new book in the trash, and her anger had a special reason.

According to a source, the former Broadway star was annoyed when her colleague, 55, advertised “Love Me the Way I Am,” a clip from the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” In the video, Bove tells the “Roller Coaster” singer: “I don’t need you to look bad, you can do it yourself.”

The NYPD Blue graduate shared the clip on Instagram on Sunday, adding the caption: “Do you know how else you can look bad alone? Without pre-ordering your copy of #LoveMeAsIAm before it comes out on Tuesday.”

An insider told us that it was this post that prompted the “Painkillr” singer to share a video on Instagram Story about how she threw a copy of the memoir in the trash later on Sunday. “Garcel, even if you unsubscribed from me, I’m sure you’ll see it,” the Georgia native signed the post.

Earlier this year, rumors of a feud between the pair began when sharp-eyed Bravo fans noticed that Bove had unsubscribed from her partner on Instagram. After the fan account notified the Dancing with the Stars graduate of the change, she replied in the comments section: “Well [let me] unsubscribe from her.”

In February, the White House Down actress told us that she was not ready to forgive her fellow housewife for the incident that provoked the unsubscription. However, she noted that she was upset that she saw the stars of Lowball in the tape.

“It was something I didn’t like, and it also didn’t quite fit with who I am,” Beauvais told us at the time. “As for me, I want to follow people [when] you see their feed, you want to subscribe to them. You want them to like you. You want to cheer them up, and I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to see it.”

The star of Coming 2 America was still surprised that the drama on social media caused such a resonance. “Did I know this would lead to World War III?” she said during a February episode of The Real. “It seems to be very important to unsubscribe from someone, because the latest news was reported everywhere.”

Meanwhile, her inner circle seemed to understand that the unsubscription would make headlines. “Friends wrote to me: “I can’t believe you, unsubscribing from her is so important.” But it’s true,” Bove recalls. “I think it’s a new way of saying, ‘I don’t like you, but I don’t want to tell you, so I’ll just unsubscribe from you.’ The people were outraged! I think she was outraged too. [Or maybe] she doesn’t care.”