Why Dwayne Johnson listened to fan reviews about the creation of Black Adam


Dwayne Johnson explains why he listened to the feedback of fans when creating “Black Adam”. The actor plays the main character in the film “Black Adam”, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (“Jungle Cruise”), which has a number of new additions to the DCEU. The film was joined in its first live performances by Dr. Faith (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Sentineo), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) and Isis (Sarah Shahi), as well as returning DCEU graduate Viola Davis, reprising her role as Amanda Waller.

Johnson made his biggest commercial for Black Adam at Comic-Con, appearing on stage in a costume and debuting a new trailer for the film, which was an exciting discovery for fans present around the world. Besides Black Adam, the new Shazam trailer! The Rage of the Gods, which has many connections with Black Adam, was also revealed. Both films will be released a few months apart, the shift in release dates has occurred recently and is probably partly due to the relationship between the two characters, who draw their strength from the same source.

During a conversation with Collider at Comic-Con, Johnson detailed his first foray into the superhero genre with Black Adam. He spoke about his influences on the film, going beyond the mythology of the comics about Black Adam. Johnson also made sure to pay attention to the fans. Check out his comments below:

That’s a great question. The mythology of Black Adam and make sure we respect the mythology, especially by telling the origin story. You want to be authentic in mythology. [Another] inspiration is the fans. Because if you really listen to the fans, they will help you inform you about where you should move with the story, about your next steps, whether it’s a micro-story in terms of your next 10 steps or it’s a macro, and you’re thinking about how the Black Adam universe and the DC universe will look through five years.

In recent years, Johnson has been actively involved in projects, especially in the films “Fast and Furious: Gifts: Hobbs and Shaw”, “Jumanji: A New Level”, “Jungle Cruise” and “Red Notice”. the thing that in this case is Black Adam. Johnson has long stated that his dream with Black Adam is to change the hierarchy of the DC universe, so it’s clear that he has big plans for the film. Ideally, Black Adam will be the first of many appearances of the character, and it is hoped that the film will resonate with the audience. Johnson’s willingness to listen to fans’ opinions should bode well for the cinematic future of “Black Adam,” as the first screenings of the film seem to appeal to viewers. This does not mean that fan feedback should completely determine Johnson’s creative process, but keeping viewers in mind and knowing what they would like to see can help “Black Adam” achieve his goals.

For a performer who has always relied on his fans to cover his career, Johnson knows something about their importance in the projects he chooses. An eternal showman, Johnson has always paid attention to what fans want, as well as what they don’t want. While it’s not a case of voting or sitting down with fans, paying attention to their feedback on his projects, especially with the expectation and fidelity in adapting a character like Black Adam, can make a huge difference.


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