Why Dr. Karev’s ending was one of the worst


Katherine Heigl, who once played Izzie Stevens on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, had a few words to choose from when she found out what had become of her character. Although she left the show more than a decade ago, Izzie was brought in once again on Grey’s Anatomy season 16 after one of the show’s main characters left Seattle.

Recall that the actress left the series after the first six seasons and was often considered difficult to work with. As for the show, Izzie had left Seattle after Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) refused to reopen her marriage.
With that said, Katherine Heigl recently spoke about Alex’s decision to leave Gray Sloan Memorial in season 16 and return to Izzie, who had given birth to Alex’s twins.

Interestingly the actress, she wasn’t a fan of how the two former lovebirds got together, as are many fans, and while she didn’t say much about it, what she said was spot on commenting that it was a really predictable and bad outcome.

So, the actress hadn’t even seen the episode in question, but she knew that Alex was already with someone. Let’s not forget that the news that Alex had dumped Jo (Camilla Luddington) for Izzie came as a shock to fans everywhere.

When it was announced that Justin Chambers would be leaving the series, not many fans seemed to have considered that the ending that the writers planned for Alex would be an ending that most would not like. In the end, Alex wrote letters to his friends at Gray Sloan and only then did he learn that Alex was back with Izzie.

There’s no denying that Alex and Izzie had a tumultuous relationship for the show’s first six seasons. While it started out as pure hatred for each other, the two inmates slowly grew closer over time.

Alex’s ending was definitely one that fans weren’t happy with, and Katherine Heigl has certainly made it clear that she’s on the same page as everyone else. Don’t forget that Grey’s Anatomy season 17 returns to ABC on March 11.


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