Why Doesn’t Thriller Work? – Try These Quick Fixes That Usually Work


Are you having problems with Triller not working? We have compiled a list of the best troubleshooting solutions.

Among the many platforms for short videos these days, Triller has a devoted fan base. After the platform expanded to sports promotion at the end of 2020, the ability to stream content with pay-per-view made it even more important for the application to work correctly. So what do you do when it’s not?

Why doesn’t Thriller work?

Any streaming service on your device may stop working for various reasons, but most often it is due to your Wi-Fi or data connection. Your connection should be the first thing you check. Next, try restarting the application. Many problems with mobile apps can be solved by closing and restarting them. If Triller is still not working, the next step should be to reboot the device.

How to Reboot most Android and iOS devices

Hold down the power button on your device.
Click the restart button when it appears.
Confirm and let the device reboot.Open the Thriller and see if it works.

Clearing the Thriller Cache

If restarting the app and your device didn’t solve the problem, the next step should be clearing the cache of the Triller app. When clearing the application cache, all downloaded files that may interfere with its proper operation are deleted, and all user settings that you could have set are cleared, which can solve many problems. To clear the Thriller cache:

Tap the Settings icon on your phone or tablet.
Tap “Apps” and scroll to find Triller.
Select the option “Storage” and “Clear Cache”.
Log in again and make sure that Triller is working.
Checking your WiFi or network connection
Streaming services like Triller can’t play media without Wi-Fi or a data connection. Poor service may explain why the app is not working. Make sure your device is not in airplane mode, which also interferes with streaming platforms.

Reinstalling Thriller

If Triller still doesn’t work properly after you’ve tried all of the above, it’s time to reinstall the app, especially if it’s the only app that behaves strangely. To reinstall Thriller:

Open the Play Store or App Store and find Triller.
Tap Triller and select Delete.
Confirm and let me delete it, and then click Install to reinstall it.
Following the suggestions above should solve most of the problems you will encounter when Triller is down. Please let us know if you have a problem or a solution not described here.


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