Why doesn’t Suga appear in the MVs of his collaborations?


Suga is one of the Bangtan Boys who has worked the most with other artists, the idol of Big Hit Entertainment has joined his voice to that of IU, Suran and MAX, but the BTS rapper has not appeared in the music videos of these songs, what is this about?

The boys of BTS have always been very open to meeting with various artists to make fabulous songs, singers and rappers have worked with important exponents of the world of music.

Each of the members of the boy band have different abilities and one of Suga’s facets is that of a producer, the rapper from the city of Daegu is one of the most important lyricists in the South Korean entertainment medium.

Agust D has collaborated with some artists such as IU, Suran and more recently with MAX, with whom he premiered the song ‘Blueberry Eyes’, the video of the collaboration of the American singer and the K-pop idol already exceeds 21 million reproductions in the YouTube platform.

But … have you noticed that BTS’s Min Yoongi has not appeared in the official music videos of their collaborations? What will be the reason? We will tell you all the details below….


MAX stated that the Big Hit Entertainment company has a policy stating that Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V and RM cannot appear individually in music videos of other artists, they must always be all 7.

The same happens in the campaigns with different products and companies, the entertainment company that represents Beyond The Scene considers that the 7 singers and rappers must be part of the project, otherwise the collaboration offer is discarded.

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This is the reason why Min Yoongi does not appear in the official ‘Eight’ video, nor in the ‘Blueberry Eyes’ FT video. MAX, nor in Lee Sora’s ‘Song Request’ MV.

Maybe the situation of the collaboration between J-Hope and Becky G confuses you a bit, because in the clip of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Hoseok did participate, but this song is original of the BTS member, so he is the artist main, that is, since the track belongs to Big Hit, this policy does not apply.

That is why in the individual clips of the members there are always direct references to the rest of the singers and rappers of ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’. What do you think of Big Hit Entertainment’s policy?

Recently, MAX gave an interview where he revealed that BTS’s Suga has been an important part of his life, the singer will soon become the father and assured that the BTS rapper is going to be an uncle in a singer.


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