Why doesn’t any One Piece anime character have an Eye Patch (despite all the Pirates)


For an anime dedicated to pirates, the absence of a character with an eye patch in One Piece is a strange omission, but there is hope that he will appear before the end of the anime. One Piece is an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Eyichiro Oda. Oda claims that One Piece will end in the next few years after both the manga and the series have been going on for over 20 years. Even when the manga and anime One Piece are over, the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation gives hope that the world will not run out of One Piece content in the near future.

One Piece touches on the classic pirate iconography with many characters. Crocodile has a huge golden hook on one of his arms, and Red Leg Zeff has a wooden wooden leg after one of his legs was chopped off while trying to save Sanji. There are also plenty of Jolly Rogers, skinny beards and pirate hats. Even Rob Lucci’s pet pigeon, Hattori, plays on the cliche of pirates owning parrots. This makes the absence of any character with an eye patch conspicuous, which is intentionally done in the mangaka One Piece by Eyichiro Oda.

Back in 2007, Oda stated that a pirate with an eye patch would appear near the end of One Piece. The reason why there hasn’t been an eye patch in the anime so far is that this long-awaited moment will become more impressive. This mystery leads to several theories about who will wear the eyepatch, and the most plausible theories involve Luffy and Blackbeard. It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of a completely new character with an eye patch. Moreover, in One Piece Paradise 2007, Oda stated that he “can’t wait to draw” a character with an eye patch. This could mean that Oda is so excited to draw the character because this is someone who has yet to be introduced and he could have a big impact on the One Piece endgame.

In the early concept art of the Ode to “Blackbeard” from One Piece, there is his drawing with an eye patch. While this doesn’t confirm that Blackbeard will eventually wear an eye patch, it does lend credence to the theory. In One Piece Paradise, Oda explains that she understands the connection between the classic appearance of pirates and blindfolds. Blackbeard is possibly a One Piece character who represents modern interpretations of the pirates’ appearance, and his appearance is also very similar to a real Blackbeard named Edward Teach. If Ode wants the eyepatch to be a symbol of old interpretations of piracy in order to fully come to life in One Piece, then Blackbeard would be a prime candidate.

However, in One Piece Paradise, Oda also explains that One Piece is a story about how a “normal—looking boy” becomes a pirate. One Piece establishes that Luffy will eventually fulfill his dream of becoming the Pirate King, and wearing an eye patch in the anime finale will be a symbol of this, as it is the last piece of pirate iconography to appear in the series. Luffy losing an eye and wearing a blindfold also reflects Luffy’s backstory. As a child, Luffy stabs himself in the face to try to join the pirate team of Shank. The scar on Luffy’s face is another mystery that took years to solve. Since Luffy first scarred himself trying to become a pirate, it would be appropriate if he could make a large, similar sacrifice to strengthen his claim to the title of Pirate King, while having to wear an eye patch. It may take some time before an eye patch appears in One Piece, but as with many other things in anime, the wait is worth it.