Why does the Rose from BLACKPINK often stand sideways in group photos? Here’s suppose the reason


Recently, it was noticed that Roze from BLACKPINK often stands sideways in group photos, and one netizen shared what they think is the reason. Keep reading for more details.

Roze from BLACKPINK noticed that she often stands sideways in group photos — that’s the alleged reason

Ten Sept. On October 16, BLACKPINK returned with their second full-length album “BORN PINK”, which contains the title song “Shut Down”. The album was preceded by the pre-release of the single “Pink Venom”, which was released in August.

On the 25th, BLACKPINK appeared on SBS “Inkigayo” to perform “Shut Down”. It was also the day Pink Venom won its seventh trophy at the music show.

Amid the busy schedule of a female group of four participants, Roze from BLACKPINK attracted the attention of one netizen with her poses in group photos where the participants stand side by side.

In particular, on one of the teaser images of “Pink Venom” and the frames of “Shut Down” from “Inkigayo” of the SBS channel, it is noticeable that Roze is the only one standing sideways, while her participants are standing normally.

A network user shared the corresponding photos in the online community Nate Pann and wrote in the title of his post: “The reason why Rose always stands like this.” They also wrote in the body: “She always stands sideways in their group photos.”

Then netizens told what, in their opinion, is the reason that Roze from BLACKPINK poses like this in group photos, stating that it is probably because of the difference in the height of the participants. They also attached images in which the On The Ground singer stands straight and looks taller than her colleagues.

“When she’s standing right in their group photos, the height difference is too big, so it seems like she’s trying to match the other participants,” said user Nate Pann.

In the comments section, another netizen user noted that even when other BLACKPINK members wear heels, Rose is still taller.

Other netizens at Nate Pann agreed with what was said on the poster, and some also commented on the growth of Jenny, Jisu and Lisa. Some of the comments are as follows:

“I thought so too. The difference in height is bigger than I thought.”

“She is fragile and feminine, so I didn’t think she would be so tall, but she has 169 cm. Wow.”

“Apart from the height difference, Jenny’s legs seem so short when she stands next to Rose.”

“Wow, Lisa has a small face, and her arms and legs are so long that I thought she was very tall. So cute.”

“Wow, Roze is much taller than I imagined.”

“Oh my God, legs, height, hair. She’s a tall queen.”

BLACKPINK took 1st place in 8 Billboard charts this week + the debut of “Shut Down” in the Hot 100

In other news, BLACKPINK impressively took the top spot on a total of eight Billboard charts this week with their latest studio album “BORN PINK” and the title song “Shut Down”.

In particular, “BORN PINK” took the first place. 1 on the Billboard 200, and “Shut Down” reached number one on both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. Base. charts.

BLACKPINK’s song “BORN PINK” also debuted at No. 1. 1 on the Best Albums Sales Chart, the Best Current Albums Sales Chart and the Tastemaker Albums chart. “Shut Down” even took the first place in the World Digital Song Sales chart.

Moreover, BLACKPINK re-entered the Billboard Artist 100 at number 1. 1, noting that they reached the top of the list for the second time.

Finally, BLACKPINK’s song “Shut Down” took the first place. 25th place on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Pink Venom” rose to 1st place. 57 for the fifth week in a row.


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