Why does the premiere of the third season of “Umbrella Academy” intentionally contain a continuity error


The 3rd season of “Umbrella Academy” continues its wave of success at the peak of Netflix’s daily top 10 TV shows, holding the spot since it bypassed the first part of the record-breaking fourth season of “Very Strange Things”. This apparently means that millions and millions of Netflix subscribers watched the premiere of the third season and beyond. And if you were one of the fans who noticed the gap between the crazy finale of the second season and its sequel, you are not alone, and you are absolutely right. Ben Hargreaves somehow changed the magic hairstyle in the middle of the stage!

Of course, the character didn’t really clean up his bangs very quickly in the scene itself, since Ben’s tentacles probably aren’t that good at clippers and hair gel. (Although if they can light a cigar…) In any case, the star of “Umbrella Academy” Justin H. Min and showrunner Steve Blackman revealed that Ben’s hairstyle change was not an accidental editing mix-up, but rather was a deliberate continuity error for reasons both practical and emotional. The fact that Min didn’t want to rock this image all season. Here’s how he amusingly explained it to TVLine:

You know, they’re talking about the happiest day of your life. Bangs had a great run, but she had to go. They kept falling out. Filming with it was a nightmare, so the hair went up and we stopped it.

While it’s likely that the hairdressers from The Umbrella Academy could make Ben’s hair work in super-emo mode with hanging bangs, Justin H. Min may not have needed to act too much to achieve the character’s sullen demeanor. Especially if it remained a matter of logistics, and the problems with the chignon would remain.

Fortunately, the moderate horrors that came with filming the second season finale were not replicated in the current season itself, which not only pleased Min, but, looking back, was clearly the best choice. I can’t imagine Ben remaining such a cute ass throughout the season if his eyes were partially covered with bangs all the time. Did this lead to some funny moments when Umbrella members tossed Ben’s hair up and away from his eyes? One can only hope.

According to Steve Blackman, he wasn’t thrilled with the bangs that were part of the equation when the previous finale was filmed. According to him:

We shot this [original] scene on the very last day of the second season, and I didn’t want them to do it with his hair. It should be continuous [until season 3], but… I wanted to change it. So did Justin, so we did a little coup.

No one wanted to point the finger too directly, so let’s just blame the extraterrestrial Reginald Hargreaves for never thinking about the interests of his children, no matter what timeline he is in.

All three seasons of Umbrella Academy are currently streaming on Netflix, and be sure to check out our TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out what it’s worth diving into after all the naked fights and kugelblitz are gone for a while.