Why does the Gray Man never call Sierra Six by his real name

Attention: This post contains spoilers for the series “Grey Man”.
Why does the Gray Man never call Sierra Six by his real name. The Grey Man, an action movie starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, is by far Netflix’s most expensive movie. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and based on the 2009 novel by Mark Greaney, the film adapts many elements of the story from the source material, but there is one significant change regarding the name of the main character.
“The Grey Man” is a spy film in which the protagonist Sierra Six (aka the Grey Man), played by Gosling, flees. Released from prison almost two decades earlier, Sierra Six had been trained by the CIA as a mercenary to carry out covert operations to carry out unofficial missions. He existed in the gray zone of the agency’s protocols and laws, which is why his nickname was given. However, most often the killer is called under the name of the CIA — Sierra Six. Even the mercenary’s closest people, including Donald Fitzroy and his niece Claire, call him “Six” for short, but never by his real name, which is never mentioned in The Gray Man.
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Although Grini’s novels mention Sierra Six’s real name, it is possible that he was not called by his birth name in the film because they wanted to preserve the intrigue and mystery surrounding his character. After all, Sierra Six operated in the shadows and there were no official records of CIA agents or international presence, his identity was completely erased to prevent enemies from blackmailing him or kidnapping someone he knows as collateral. The name Sierra Six, of course, adds mystery to everything that is happening, and it is no different from a nickname like Agent 007 James Bond. The fewer people who know about Sierra Six or how it works, the easier it is to do your job and stay hidden from those seeking revenge. Sierra Six is not a typical CIA agent, and his mercenary name reflects that, as does the undercover team he works for. It also sounds pretty cool.
What is the real name of Sierra Six in the TV series “Grey Man”
It is implied in the film that only Donald Fitzroy, who becomes the boss of Sierra Six, knows his real identity because he was responsible for commuting the sentence. Sierra Six’s real name in the Grey Man books is Cortland “Court” Gentry. He is known to many as the Gray Man or the Intruder. In the text, Greaney often refers to Kort simply as “Gentry”, and sometimes as “Gray” when speaking in the third person. Although the court nobleman is still not the name most call him – even in the books, the killer keeps his identity a secret — perhaps a potential sequel to “The Gray Man” will finally reveal to viewers the real name of the protagonist.
The supposed franchise can only continue until the Noble is brought up in some capacity and the enemy is likely to discover his identity in the future. In an interview, Ryan Gosling said that he wants Sierra Six to also increase the “name status”. The actor seems to be well aware that his character could have succeeded if his real identity had been confirmed. Perhaps Sierra Six will eventually get tired of being called by his secret title. For now, however, the Gray Man’s exclusive use of Sierra Six instead of Court Gentry preserves the mystery of his identity.