Why does the description of the first episode of the 17th season of the TV series “Sister Wives” excite fans


Fans are looking forward to the release of the 17th season of the series “Sister Wives”, and the description of the premiere episode will include everything that fans of the drama are looking for. After Kristin Brown left Cody Brown (when everyone thought Mary Brown would leave first), a whole new dynamic will appear in the show. This is the first time in the show’s history that one of the wives has left Cody, making this season an exploration of uncharted territory, and fans want Christina to finally come out against Cody.

Season 16 of “Sister Wives” is considered one of the best in the history of the show. It was nice to see how one of Cody’s wives finally reached her limit and decided she was going to leave him. Since then, fans have been supporting Kristin and supporting her additional cooking show Cooking With Just Christine. When it was announced that Christina would be returning for season 17, despite having left Cody, fans were thrilled to see how Christina and Cody now interact.

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The premiere of the 17th season of “Sisters Wives” will take place on September 11, and fans are looking forward to a dramatic trailer. According to the description of episode 1, there’s a lot going on in the Brown family, from Janelle testing positive for COVID-19 to Cody and Robin discussing his failed marriage to Christina. Fans are especially excited to see Kristina and Cody sit down and discuss the details of their divorce, even though they were only married spiritually, not legally. According to the u/SurvivingPod from Reddit, the episode description states that Kristin and Cody’s conversation “leaves Kristin feeling strong and Cody defeated.” Fans are looking forward to how their conversation will go, and that Kristin will finally come out on top.

However, Reddit users are divided about the description, as some are ready to see Kristina leave for Kodi, while others want to fast forward to the part where she already left him. R/Impossible_Claim_112 said: “We’ve been watching all this time how Kristina lives her separate life in social media, and now we’re going to go back to the time when she really didn’t leave.” R/OneCoversation4 added, “It sounds like a paraphrase” and “this show is too far behind.” Cody went from splitting his time between wives to giving most of it to Robin Brown after they got married. Sister Wives fans have called Cody a manipulator in the past for not giving his wives a say in their future and constantly treating Robin in a special way.

In the end, Kristina decided to take matters into her own hands when Cody did not think about moving for her sake and decided to end the toxic relationship. Sister Wives fans have seen Kristin living her best life in Utah, spending time with her family and sister-wife Janelle Brown while they promote their business. Fans like to see Kristin happy, and some are not interested in seeing her return to that difficult time, because they know what will happen next. However, fans are looking forward to the premiere of the 17th season of the series “Sister Wives” next month.


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