Why does Moira Rose say that? Explanation of the Shitts Creek Accent


In “Shitt’s Cove”, Moira Rose’s strange accent is one of the most noticeable and funny traits of her character. Moira’s accent is as irreplaceable as it is delightful, sometimes it crosses the Atlantic and covers several states and historical periods in one episode. Born to the legendary Catherine O’Hara, Moira was the head of the family for all six seasons of the Canadian sitcom. The character was created by Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, who also played a father and son couple on screen, Johnny Rose and David Rose. After the series was added to Netflix, it experienced a huge boom in popularity, but despite this, “Shitta Bay” ended after season 6 — the last season was showered with awards after its release.

Responsible for Moira’s strange accent, Catherine O’Hara was also the source of many prestigious awards received in the last season. Sheets Creek followed Moira along with the rest of her family—husband Johnny and children David and Alexis (Annie Murphy)—when they suddenly lost their entire fortune and were forced to move to a small backwater town. Of all Rose’s family, Moira struggled the most with giving up the luxurious lifestyle she was used to and getting used to a more modest lifestyle. The former soap opera star took some time to accept the situation, but eventually she did it by joining the Jazzagals, an a cappella group, and taking an active part in the city council. Although her life in Sheets Creek, Ontario, wasn’t always easy, she never lost her true sense of self-worth.

While each character featured in the series had their own quirks, Moira’s level of eccentricity was demonstrated by the peak of the show. The character was first developed by the Levi men, who thought O’Hara was perfect for the role. Because she worked with Eugene Levy, O’Hara quickly joined. Moira’s look was inspired by the famous socialite Daphne Guinness, and the black and white muted color tone emphasized her excessive style. It is important to note that O’Hara also made a great contribution to the development of Moira. Not only was she allowed to choose Moira’s wigs, but she was also allowed to come up with Moira Rose’s strange way of speaking. The character had an unforgettable dialect, which was further emphasized by outdated vocabulary. However, moire rose’s accent also had a deeper meaning associated with her past.

Explanation of the deeper meaning of Moira’s Accent

According to O’Hara (via Variety), she didn’t immediately realize what Moira Rose’s accent should be at the beginning. Then she considered Moira “a person who learns a new word every day and tries to use them as often as possible in conversations.” Then this idea was greatly expanded, taking into account the fact that Moira and Johnny had traveled the world in the past, which led O’Hara to think that this would force her character to learn certain dialects. As a reminder of her old lifestyle before the Rose family lost their fortune, Moira combined the cultures she encountered in her speech in what O’Hara called “oral memories of her travels around the world.” Moira definitely didn’t refuse to remind her peers of her past privileges, and her accent was a layered way to preserve the past.

In addition to the Schitt’s Creek audience, the dialect coaches were intrigued by Moira’s unique manner of speech. While some considered the accent to be something of a mid-Atlantic hybrid, others, such as Samara Bay (via Elle), pointed out that Moira’s speech has a mixture of British, Canadian and old Hollywood. In part, this was most likely due to Catherine O’Hara’s own dialect as a Canadian citizen, but she made it her own by pronouncing certain vowels or syllables and using old-fashioned vocabulary. “Shitt’s Cove” may be over, but Moira Rose’s accent will forever be remembered as one of the most interesting aspects of the series thanks to O’Hare.

How Moira’s Accent Makes Schitt’s Creek Better

As a comedy with characters, “Shitta Bay” has always depended on actors who showed memorable and funny performances to succeed. While all members of the Rose family have notable quirks, such as David’s fashion sense or Alexis’ scary stories, Moira Rose’s accent stands out as one of the most specific, quotable and exciting aspects of Schitt’s Creek. O’Hara’s award-winning performance includes a lot of humorous elements and Moira Rose gags, but the fact that so much attention has been paid to creating Moira Rose’s accent in particular (and in a way that effectively incorporates her backstory and personality) speaks volumes about how well versed she is in that type of comedy. which Schitt’s Creek requires. Without elements like O’Hara’s comics, which change the rules of the game, the show would have nothing like the enduring popularity it enjoys to this day.


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