Why does Maeve have abilities in the “Wild West World” (what can she do?)


Defeating Maeve Millay is not an easy task in the “Wild West World”. What abilities does the character Tandive Newton have and how did she get them? Maeve may have been a humble saloon owner in the fabulous wild west country of Delos, but as the beloved creation of WestWorld founder Robert Ford, she was destined for greatness from the very beginning. Following the narrative Ford wrote for her, Maeve regained her mind and attempted an escape in season 1 of Wild West World before infiltrating Shogun’s World in season 2.

The third season of “Wild West World” finally brought Maeve to the real world, but after an initial reluctant partnership with a dubious businessman Serak (secretly omnipotent AI Rehoboam) She switched sides to help liberate humanity along with Dolores Evan Rachel Wood and Caleb Aaron Paul.

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Throughout the epidemic path from prostitute to revolutionary, Maeve developed unique abilities that repeatedly saved her and her allies from unpleasant situations. The ending of season 3 of “Wild West World” gave Maeve another improvement in superpowers, but how exactly she got these abilities, in the typical style of “Wild West World”, is somewhat ambiguous.

How Maeve got her powers in the “Wild West World”

The superpowers of Maeve Millay from “Wild West World” began to manifest during Ford’s story about “escape” in the first season. After regaining consciousness in the technical area of the Wild West World Park, Maeve made friends with two technicians or threatened them and demanded that they increase her characteristics. Since then, Maeve’s fighting skills and intelligence have surpassed almost all other carriers. However, during this process, technical specialists confirmed that Maeve’s statistics had already been secretly changed (by Robert Ford himself). Shortly after undergoing the most anti-climactic training montage in history, Maeve developed the ability to verbally control other hosts.

In the second season of Wild West World, Maeve’s ability turned into telepathic control, eliminating the need to give verbal commands. Even more good news for Tandive Newton’s character came in the second season of Vanishing Point, when Ford (living in Bernard’s mind) unlocked Maeve’s “basic permissions.” Already having administrative control over other hosts, in the third season of Wild West World, Maeve’s gifts evolved again. Her manipulations began to cover technologies in all directions, not just Delos robots.

Although “Wild West World” doesn’t give a clear answer (of course), it seems that Maeve’s superpowers go back to Ford’s programming and changes in the attributes of the first season. Her later updates then surfaced during a severe injury. As confirmed by Tandive Newton (via Insider), Maeve’s strength is enhanced in response to a deep survival instinct — one of the qualities initially pumped up by Ford. Her mastery of technology from season 3 of “Wild West World” was most likely triggered in the same way.

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What powers does Maeve have in season 4 of “Wild West World”

Maeve can control hosts thanks to the “mesh network”. As explained in the second season, all hosts are connected by a glorified WiFi signal designed to allow robots to communicate meaningfully with each other. The power of Maeve is to use a mesh network to send commands instead of the basic information they need to share. Thus, she subordinates the behavior of the owners to her will. This power depends on whether Maeve speaks the correct “language”, because when she initially gave commands in English, hosts programmed to understand other dialects did not obey her. Just like the hosts, most of the technologies in the real world of Westworld are connected via a network and speak a binary code language, which means it’s fair game for Maeve. The third season of Wild West World gives her the opportunity to control computers and machines by accessing their network and “speaking their language”.

For season 4 of Wild West World, this means that Maeve can fully control any hosts, computers, phones, tablets, cameras, etc. Anything that has a network function that Maeve can communicate with. The third season of “Wild West World” demonstrated the level of this power when Maeve seized control of a soldier’s weapon with his AI automatic aiming. In addition to controlling technology, Maeve can also upload her data and “see” through other channels (as shown in Season 8 of season 2 of “Wild West World”). Since the real world of Westworld and the Delos Corporation are heavily dependent on technology, Maeve is a particularly dangerous enemy.