Why does Jungkook hardly change his hair color?


Jungkook almost does not show as many changes of look as his fellow BTS, here we tell you why. One of the things that most identifies K-pop is its aesthetics, idols appear in its different activities such as: music videos, concerts and interviews with incredible looks, risky hair tones, proposed makeup and fashionable outfits.

The guys from BTS have gifted ARMY with epic looks, Jimin’s eyeliner, V’s electric blue mane, Jin’s pink hair, Namjoon’s accessories, J-Hope’s braids, Suga’s mint hair and Jungkook’s brown hair.

Maybe you asked yourself, why doesn’t the ‘Golden Maknae’ change as much as the other BTS guys? Well, apparently, the minor member of the Bangtan Boys has a very delicate scalp.

Jungkook could get hurt when subjected to the hair bleaching process, since elements such as peroxide are used, which can form burns or sores on the skin of sensitive people.

In addition to this, Jungkook has commented that he must take great care in the way he washes and dries his hair, since he uses various products to prevent his hair from undergoing very drastic changes.

Jungkook uses a special baby shampoo, which has less chemicals, is more skin friendly, does not have as many odors, is preservative-free and makes it easier for you to keep your beloved hair healthy.

And it is true that Jungkook has transformed the color of his hair, the singer of ‘Stay Gold’ used for a time the shade of red, green or blue highlights, purple and blonde, but you have to touch up the colors often to maintain that look.

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