Why does Harry Styles’ song follow Clark in “God’s Favorite Idiot”?


In “God’s Favorite Idiot,” Harry Styles’ song “Sign of the Times” seems to follow Clark everywhere, and there’s a reason for this strange choice. Netflix’s “God’s Favorite Idiot” is the latest collaboration between Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone —a workplace sitcom with a twist. In particular, the conceptual spin of the beloved genre follows Clark, a meek office worker chosen to become the next messenger of God on earth.

Despite how wild this premise is —not to mention the presence of Satan and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the series—God’s Favorite Idiot has mostly received praise in audience reviews for his comedic shenanigans. However, Satan, God and the impending apocalypse really play a pretty big role in the plot of the Netflix hit, even if they are sometimes given less screen time than the antics of Clark’s colleagues. To emphasize the theme of the show, God’s Favorite Idiot often includes a popular Harry Styles hit in the soundtrack.

The song “Sign of the Times” apparently follows Clark wherever he goes throughout season 1 of God’s Favorite Idiot, and the significance of the track’s role in the series becomes clearer with each appearance. The rest of the soundtrack to “God’s Favorite Idiot” also serves as a way of anticipating the twists of the show and confirming it, as evidenced by a retrospective look at the role that “Signs of the Times” and other songs play in the history of the show. . This requires a thorough exposition of how the Harry Styles song appears throughout the plot of “God’s Favorite Idiot”.

When the “Sign of the Times” plays in God’s favorite idiot

When God’s Favorite Idiot starts, Clark listens to “Sign of the Times” on vinyl. Soon after, the plot begins in earnest when he is struck by lightning —a provoking incident in the series. Like a parody of the superhero Falcone and McCarthy Thunder Force, God’s Favorite Idiot gives his hero strange abilities after this event, which provoked the next appearance of the Harry Styles track. When Clark goes to work, he accidentally turns on the radio, and at that moment “Signs of the Times” is playing. Later, when Clark is unsure whether to ask Emily (McCarthy) out on a date, the song plays again in the break room at their workplace. At the time, both duos assume it’s a coincidence caused by an Alexa malfunction. This leads to the question of whether the seemingly unsuspecting Clark is the cause of these incidents, or whether they are committed with him by a higher power.

Why are “Signs of the Times” playing when Clark is Shining

The key appearance of the Harry Style song occurs when “Sign of the Times” is played during Emily and Clark’s first date. Falcone and McCarthy’s awkward romantic chemistry is interrupted when Clark wanders to their waitress, and Emily begins to have feelings for him. At this point, the hero of God’s Favorite Idiot begins to glow during the playback of the track. This inexplicable, seemingly miraculous incident soon goes viral, and in the episode ​​​​2 A mismatched group of Clark’s employees begin brainstorming ideas about what caused Clark’s strange glow last night. Although various theories are put forward, it is only when Wendy (Ana Scotney) stumbles upon a passage from the Bible (Matthew 5:14-16) that the song is played again, this time via Amazon Alexa, when Clark begins to read the passage. This is the last time “Signs of the Times” is played before the end credits of the final episode. However, this is not the last time the soundtrack to the movie “God’s Favorite Idiot” hints at upcoming plot twists.

The soundtrack to the movie “God’s Favorite Idiot” explains its plot

In the 4th episode of the series with Melissa McCarthy, Clark finally breaks down and admits that there is too much pressure on him. When he does, Rush’s song “Tom Sawyer” starts playing, and Clark runs off to the bathroom. It is there that he first meets God, but this is not the first time the band’s music has appeared in God’s Favorite Idiot. In episode 1, Emily is introduced to the sound of Rush’s “Temples of the Syrinx”, confirming the idea that Clark’s powers didn’t decide which music to play at all. Instead, the needle drops and their strikingly relevant thematic connections to Clark’s life suggest that God is valiantly trying to guide him on the right path without revealing himself too soon, as he is so overwhelmed by the apocalyptic chaos around him. To this end, “Sign of the Times” functions as a song from a musical, and the lyrics directly refer to the upcoming apocalypse of the show through lines about the impending “last show”, warning the listener that they cannot “bribe door to door”. your way to heaven.”