Why does Billie Eilish want to replace Ariana Grande?


Many singers would like to be in the position of Billie Eilish, but she would only like to switch places with one person: Ariana Grande.

Billie Eilish is one of the most successful artists in the world. Many singers would like to be in her position. However, when she was asked who she would like to switch places with, she Eilish said that she would like to be Ariana Grande. Here’s why she would like to switch places with another pop princess.

Eilish has earned critical and public acclaim for her unique sound and personal composition. Although she is respected as a musician, she is generally not considered one of the best singers in the world. While Eilish often seems calm and confident, she seems a bit self-conscious from her voice.

She was asked the singer with whom she would switch places, dead or alive. According to Billboard, she said, “Someone with a really good voice. Ariana Grande’s voice is fucking crazy. Can you imagine opening her mouth and that comes out? My God!”.

Billie Eilish thinks Ariana Grande ‘deserves a lot’

Billie Eilish praised Grande’s vocal stamina. According to iHeart Radio, Eilish said, “Ariana is a fucking queen!” She declared. “She’s so… God, man, and the shit she’s been through. I don’t know if I have respect for someone like I have for her, really ”.

She continued, “Ariana deserves a lot, especially since she did all that while she was having the worst year of her life, and that’s very impressive to me.” Eilish was referring to the tragedies Grande has suffered, such as the Manchester bombing and the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

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Additionally, she praised two of Grande’s most beloved albums: Sweetener and Thank U, Next. She added that “the fact that she has made two albums in that amount of time is shocking and both are good, it’s crazy.”

Billie Eilish also respects Ariana Grande’s professionalism. “You can say that she knows what she is doing, and even if she does not realize it, she knows what she is doing,” said the 18-year-old singer.


What does Ariana Grande think of Billie Eilish?

As we have mentioned in other articles in Somagnews, the respect between the two singers is mutual. When Grande heard of Eilish’s praise for her, she posted her story on Twitter along with the caption “my sweet baby.”

Earlier this year, when Eilish won the Billboard Woman of the Year award, Grande posted the story on her Instagram accompanied by a heart emoji. Grande won the award the year before and was happy for the “Bad Guy” singer.

Billie Eilish also revealed that she texts Grande on a regular basis. It should be noted that a duet between Eilish and Grande would certainly be interesting, as Eilish’s music is much darker and more experimental than Grande’s mix of pop and R&B.


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